Escape Hunt open first Doctor Who room

March 13, 2019
dr who escape room

Manchester’s newest escape room activity Escape Hunt has opened a brand new room and it’s all Doctor Who themed. STYLEetc were kindly invited to try the new room out for ourselves.

Worlds Collide

If you are looking for tips and clues on how to solve this Escape Hunt room you will be sorely disappointed, we are bound to secrecy to not reveal too much about this escape room, although we can give you some details.

The latest room to be created is all centred around Doctor Who, you can expect to hear a familiar voice upon beginning your experience and solve clues in a similar way to Escape Hunt’s other rooms. 

As we have previously said, what we like about this particular escape experience is it’s casual nature. Your host will chip in and give you clues to steer you on the right path. Puzzles aren’t just mathematical or based on logic, there are physical challenges and a bit of thinking outside the box is required to get you through to the end. 

The Doctor Who room makes for a great team building activity as you can split off and put your team’s skills to the test and allow people to play to their strengths so you can escape. Upon playing the room, we brought a top team along and managed to smash the high score. If you are planning to play yourself, see if you can beat our ‘John Barrowsmen’ team score.

As we were there we spied a new Alice in Wonderland themed room being built, which we are already eager to return. Whilst we chatted to the room owner we found out the Escape Hunt brand are keen to expand with more brand themed rooms like Doctor Who and Alice in Wonderland, setting themselves apart from the current choices of team-building activity in Manchester currently. 

The venue is also super easy to find, being located on Manchester’s known Urbis grounds, right near the city centre cathedral. 

Take a look online to find out more about Escape Hunt.

dr who escape room

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