Embrace Summer at The Oast House

June 21, 2014

Summer seems to be here at last, so we paid a visit to The Oast House in Spinningfields to try out their new menu. 

We started off with their sharing platter of Houmus with warm bread, carrots and celery. As most of our regular readers will know, I am a novice foodie so this was the first time I’d tried Houmous! And I actually liked it! The crudités were fresh and crunchy and a great accompaniment to the houmous with its hint of spice. 


Home made Houmous Board, £4.95

For our main course we ordered the beef burger with cheese and bacon and their famous hanging chicken kebab! First of all, I have to say that the presentation is amazing! I loved the little, rustic box that the burger arrived in and the hanging kebab certainly turns heads! The Oast House also use vintage style patterned plates which finish off the whole vibe to the bar and restaurant. 


When you order your burger, you can choose to have it well done or pink; we went for pink and when it arrived it was more like medium but it was perfectly juicy and tasty! Bacon and Cheese or Blue Cheese can also be added for £1.25. It’s served with Oast House Salsa and thin cut chips which are seasoned perfectly so no need to add your own! Make sure you ask for some of their sauces though, we tried their BBQ and Peri Peri and we were not disappointed! Both are a great addition to the burger or the chicken. 


Beef Burger, £9.50


The hanging kebabs are almost infamous with the Oast House and they live up to all expectations! The chicken is marinated in sweet chilli and ginger but pour the garlic butter sauce through the stand and let it drip over the chicken and onto the chips for extra flavour. The chicken is succulent and tender and, as mentioned, goes great with either the Peri Peri or BBQ sauce. It’s also great for sharing as a snack with friends! Although we opted for chicken, there is the choice of Lamb, Beef or Prawn hanging kebabs and the chips can be swapped for Halloumi Cheese and vegetable couscous for those who are looking for the healthy option. 


Hanging Chicken Kebab, £9.95

Then dessert! After seeing the Marshmellow Kebab being sent to the table next to us, we had to try it out for ourselves! The marshmallows are toasted to make them soft and gooey, and is served with your choice of chocolate sauce or rum infused chocolate sauce! We went for the rum (obviously!) and we could have drank it it was that tasty! Its also served with whipped vanilla ice cream. Don’t fear though, the friendly staff assured us that they don’t use the same stands as the chicken kebabs! 


Strawberry and marshmallow kebab, with Sailor Jerry chocolate sauce, £4.95

The Oast House is a great place to spend your lunch hour or an evening after work and its also pet friendly! We brought STYLEetc’s stylish pup Elsa along for the afternoon and she was given her own bowl of water! There’s always something going on in Spinningfields and its the perfect all weather venue with its indoor seating area as well as its famous outdoor arena where its great to sit and spend time in the Manchester sun! 


We highly recommend The Oast House as one of the places to spend your summer evenings! Check out their menu here and make sure you check them out in Spinningfields! 

By Emily Parker

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