Eleven Ways To Bring Light Into A Dark Home

August 5, 2019
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If your home is dark, it can feel gloomy and dingy, even if it isn’t. Whether the darkness is caused by having a home that doesn’t get much natural light, having an older home with small windows, or because the neighbour’s overgrown trees are blocking the light, there are some great ways to bring in more light. A light home feels fresh, modern and clean, so change it up to improve your house

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  1. Allow the light in. This might seem obvious, but make sure you aren’t blocking any natural light. Trim any bushes or hedges that are growing across the window (assuming they’re yours). Inside, check where any curtains hang. Go for something that covers as small an amount of window as possible when they’re open. Move any furniture that is covering any part of a window. 
  2. Change old exterior doors. If you have doors leading out into the garden, swap them out for something with as much glass as possible to let in more light. Aluminum bifold doors are a great option, as they’re functional but also let in lots of natural light to brighten things up. 
  3. Hang mirrors. A strategically placed mirror can help to bounce around whatever little bit of light you are getting into the house. A large mirror opposite a window will bounce the light back into the room, making it feel much less gloomy. 
  4. Choose wall colors carefully. Dark shades will absorb light, so choose light, bright shades that will reflect light back. Reflective surfaces like tile will also help to bounce more light around. 
  5. Consider glass doors inside. Glass doors, in clear or frosted glass, between rooms will let more light into different areas. If your kitchen gets lots of light, or example, but the dining area in the next room is dark, add a glass door or open archway to let the light in from the kitchen. 
  6. If you have the budget for larger renovations, consider upgrading to more or larger windows to allow more daylight to get in. A skylight is a great way to let in loads of light too. 
  7. Use a gloss paint on the ceiling. This unexpected choice is a great trick to reflect light back down into the room, and create an unusual style feature. 
  8. Choose a light wood floor. The light color and shinier surface helps reflect back light, and feels fresh and modern. Light woods also hide scratches better, so are great in family homes and high-traffic areas. 
  9. Metallic accessories, such as artwork with metallic accents is also a great way to add more reflective surfaces to push light around the room. 
  10. Keep your windows clean. A window free of smears, dust and dirt will let the light shine through a lot more easily, which will make the room feel brighter. 
  11. If you can’t let in more natural light, add more light fixtures. Lamps, especially uplighters, are much less harsh than overhead lights, and adds light in a cosy way. Accessorise with lamps to up the amount of light bouncing around.

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