Dublin in a Day

September 15, 2014

As one of Europe’s most popular capitals, we decided to take the day off work last week and travel to Dublin for the day (clearly not enough time) to see what the city had to offer.

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Dublin, as I thought, is not only for St. Paddys Day, the city is roaring with culture from the historic architecture to the lively Temple Bar area, which is most popular for its cafés, bars and theatres offering cultural events, film screenings, street theatre and live music throughout most of the summer and autumn months.




My main purpose was to visit the iconic Guinness Storehouse and take part in the Connoisseur Experience, tasting all the different ranges of that malty smooth black stuff. After 4 and a half pints; not including the complimentary Pint each visitor gets in The Gravity Bar located on the seventh floor, I quickly realised that it is the perfect place for a quick getaway from the city, with lots to do and much to experience.

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