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October 14, 2018
venice dream travel destination

We all have a bucket list or an ultimate travel destinations list, right? And the more we travel, the more destinations that we add to the list, as we have new things that we want to discover and experience. But even if you have some dream destinations, it can be a struggle to decide where to go to next.

With that in mind, here is a list of some amazing destinations, that all have something different to offer. If you’re dreaming of sunshine or amazing experiences rather than being sat at your desk, then this is the post for you. It would be great to hear what you think.

amalfi coast


Italy is a popular destination all year round, and it is easy to see why it has such an allure. There are various regions of the country but each one is completely different to the other. The lake area differs to the skiing regions, and the cities like Rome and Venice couldn’t be more different from each other. So even if you have been to one area before, you still have a whole lot of exploring to do, as the regions really do differ. Here are a few of the top things that you could do in Italy.

  • Explore the Amalfi coast
  • Sample wine or take a hot air balloon ride over the stunning view of Chianti
  • Enjoy the pretty picturesque beaches of Sardinia
  • Go on a river cruise in Lake Como
  • Have a tour of the slightly eerie Pompeii region
  • Eat all the food in Puglia
  • Do the classic gondola ride in Venice
south africa

South Africa

South Africa is such a beautiful country, and like Italy can be really varied in the experiences that you have. But it can get a little bit of a bad reputation, especially as a holiday destination.

But when planned out well, it can be a great place to visit for couples and families alike. There are plenty of reasons to visit, and in fact this year, there will be so many extra events because of the 2018 Legacy events in honour of Nelson Mandela. The exchange rate is pretty good at the moment too, so it couldn’t be a better time to visit. Here are a few suggestions of things that you could do:

  • Experience a safari on a 4x4 with guided experts
  • Take a helicopter tour over Table Mountain, one of the best ways to see it
  • Cage dive with great white sharks (not for the faint hearted)
  • Have a classic South African braai
  • Enjoy a boat trip off the Durban coast, where you could even spot some whales
  • Eat all the food in Puglia
  • Do the classic gondola ride in Venice


Norway is a destination that is one of the most underrated. It can be little expensive when you get there, but travel to it can be really reasonably priced. You can fly with many budget airlines to places like Bergen and Oslo, as well as choosing something like cruise around the fjords, much like the one on the Bolsover Cruise Club site.

It is a destination that works all year round too, as the great outdoors can look almost more stunning in snow, and there is plenty to see and do in the cities. Here are a few suggestions of things that you could do:

  • Take a train journey from Oslo to Trondheim
  • Mountain bike and explore Mount Floyen
  • Explore Geirangerfjord which is part of the fjord region, and an UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit the arctic circle and even spot the Northern Lights
  • Go skiing in the Lyngen Alps
angkor wat


Southeast Asia is a popular spot for people to visit, but Cambodia is taking over the likes of Thailand as the go-to destination. The food is amazing and quite literally something you will not taste anywhere else, not to mention the amazing culture that you get to experience, as well as the nature and wildlife; it is really a unique place. Here are a few ideas for things that you can do in Cambodia:

  • Explore and witness the incredible architecture of the world famous Angkor Wat
  • Visit the temples and learn more about the history and culture of the country
  • Be blessed by a monk
  • Enjoy a cycling tour around Phnom Penh, the only way to travel there!
  • See wildlife and the river dolphins on a Mekong River cruise
  • Visit local markets to experience the tastes, sights, and sounds of local life, as well as catch up with some local artisans

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