Drayton Manor Park’s Capybara Family pose for Mother’s Day

March 9, 2018
Drayton Manor Zoo Capybara

It’s a family affair over at Drayton Manor Zoo as the Caybara family get ready for their first Mother’s Day together. Getting into the spirit of the occasion, Poppy, the Capybara will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day with her three newborn babies at the Staffordshire theme park.

To mark the event, the much loved mum and her three babies posed for some family pictures together whilst enjoying an afternoon in the sunshine at the zoo. The Capybara clan are a family favourite at Drayton Manor Park and are close relatives to the guinea pig family.

Drayton Manor Zoo Capybara

Chris Mitchell, who is the head of Zoo Operations at Drayton Manor says: “We are so pleased to announce the three new additions to the Capybara family at Drayton Manor Zoo. Just as we’ve experienced with our growing Capybara family, these animals tend to share the responsibility of caring for the young amongst the group and its been wonderful to witness.

“Capybara usually live in groups, eat vegetation, especially grasses and prefer areas of grassland, forest and water. They usually survive for around four years in the wild but can live for up to twelve years in captivity where they are protected from predators, receive a good diet and veterinary care. Poppy and Floyd, our Mother and Father Capybara are nearly three years old and we are honoured to continue to celebrate important family milestones with them.”

Experience more of the animal families at the 15-acre Drayton Manor Zoo, including the tigers, meerkats and lemurs. As well as a zoo, there are also over 100 rides and attractions to enjoy in Drayton Manor’s theme park, with everything from white knuckle roller coasters to exhilarating water rides and plenty of fun rides for the kids; making it the ultimate family day out to spend time together.

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