Do you remember what you learnt at School?

September 4, 2017

A new quiz has tested the nation to see if the UK remember’s what they learnt through their school years (perhaps proving more difficult than first imagined).

The test set by Ryman covered topics across the core curriculum of school subjects, with one subject per question, to gage public knowledge across the UK. The test can still be taken on Ryman but your score won’t affect the results shown in this article.

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Test the Regions

Across Britain the scores of the country were split out to show which region knew their school knowledge best. The Midlands came out top, gaining 61% as an average score.

Our very own North West didn’t do too shabby, coming in second with a close-to-first score of 60%.

In contrast the North-East came last of all the UK, ranking in with an average of 54%, on the whole not much less overall but still slightly below the rest of the bunch. 

Scotland and Wales marked in with middle scores, showing a mix of smarts across all ends of the nation.

Battle of the Sexes

Men and women’s scores were also segmented to see where the differences lay in school intellect years after graduating.

Men on the whole scored a little better (by 1% boo) but women excelled in specific subject separate to men. Girls who took the test did better in English, History, Maths and Spanish, quite dispelling some gender stereotypes that boys may be better at certain subjects.

Men did do better in ICT, but as the quiz only tests one subject per questions it’s hardly a concrete breakdown into the full extent of knowledge on either side.


smartest gender battle of the sexes

The subject most people got wrong was the Geography question which asked users to name the UK’s longest river, many guessed the Thames when it was in fact the Severn. Always a tricky subject in school, it seems we could all benefit from a little swotting up on our Geographical knowledge.

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