Disney x Coach: A Dark Fairytale Released

June 3, 2018
disney x coach collection snow white

Inviting the happy nostalgia of Disney to the eponymous sleek and polished designs of Coach, A Dark Fairy Tale is the fashion accessories collection we’ve been waiting for.

A darker twist on the optimistic tales of Disney princesses, the collection takes gothic inspiration in typography and invites deep purple and black hues together to give edge to the typical Disney imagery.

Pieces from the collection include stickers, handbags, purses, clothing keyrings and even footwear in both menswear and womenswear.

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Currently available are pieces inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Sleeping Beauty, but we are hoping to see more intepretations of childhood classics. There is an alt vibe throughout the collection, bringing attitude to every piece whether that be in the form of a tag style motif or tattoo-look print.

Foldover crossbody clutches can be acquired, one design for each of the seven dwarves, giving enough reason to want to collect them all. Never before have we coveted a bag with ‘sneezy’ written on the front.

The jewellary is also badass, with the Snow White Bracelet offering chunky gem swarovski gems attached to a brass circular bangle.A lobster clasp, plated brass necklace is available to match the bracelet, with gems set on a thin, long chain.

The collection itself may seem a little gimmicky, of course, but there is certainly the market for it. With adult Disney lovers with disposable income the key demographic in mind, who are not in short supply at present.

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Some piece, such as the varsity jacket are a little too high school for our liking, but overall the pieces work well together, giving a new dimension to the classic Coach aesthetic and giving reason to reach out for a more youthful market.

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