Trying Breakfast at Dishoom

June 15, 2019

Dishoom has become a firm favourite restaurant of the team’s (along with most of Manchester) for an evening meal, but how do they fare in our city’s highly competitive breakfast scene? We were invited to see for ourselves and try the morning menu at the Bombay themed restaurant.

dishoom indian breakfast manchester

The breakfast menu offers a selection of cooked breakfast options, with a Bombay inspired twist of course. There are a wide range of egg dishes, the menu states this choice is influenced by the Parsi bodybuilders who accredited their good physiques down to a heavy egg diet. 

One notable option to try is the kejriwal, fried eggs on chilli cheese toast. We were also intrigued by the Keema Per Eedu, but eventually settled for something that would allow us to try a bit of everything.

big bombay dishoom manchester
The Big Bombay

The Big Bombay took a classic English breakfast setup and flipped it on it’s head to offer something different to the Manchester food scene. The bacon is char-striped smoked from Ramsay of Carluke. The sausages are made with pepper and sourced in Shropshire. Forget your standard Heinz as the breakfast gives you masala beans, with grilled mushroom and tomato on the side. The Big Bombay is also served with a bun on the side, just in case the aforementioned ingredients don’t fill you up. This dish was found to be pleasantly familiar, perhaps with a bit more zing than your standard full English.


There are also meat-free options on the menu, the Big Bombay comes in vegan form and other fruit and grain dishes that make for tasty veggie options. Porridges, yoghurts and granolas will be familiar choices for those who enjoy a sweet breakfast, but the Appam Stack was the one that we simply had to try. Appam is the Indian style of pancakes, made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Three appam are served with creamy shrikhand, fresh berries and topped with toasted coconut flakes and syrup. The result is a similar experience to eating pancakes, this is certainly a sweet dish but it doesn’t feature the same intense sugary flavour that pancakes have. It was a good portion size and satisfyingly enjoyed.

appam stack dishoom
Appam Stack

For drinks, chai features on the menu for both day and night at Dishoom. We had already tried this when we reviewed the evening menu, but opted for another glass as in the morning you can get it with Bun Maska (a toasted bread roll) to dip in and eat as a side. We also tried the chocolate Chai, this was a little less spicy than normal Chai and proved a sweeter option. There are also a range of teas, as well as Ruby-red grapefruit or range juices to choose from if you prefer a cold drink in the morning.  A few cocktails are additionally available if you really want to liven up your morning.

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