Deansgate Lodge brings Christmas cheer to the Hilton Hotel

December 6, 2017
manchester hilton the podium deansgate lodge

A very festive Alpine Ski Lodge comes to the Manchester Hilton Hotel’s The Podium this Christmas with the introduction of ‘Deansgate Lodge’. 

mulled wine cocktail manchester deansgate lodge podium

The Podium

the podium manchester hilton deansgate lodge

Aimed at attracting Christmas shoppers, hotel guests and Christmas market revelers looking to escape the winter chill, the Lodge updates the existing bar with a host of themed drinks and decor to suit the season.

A well-thought list of cocktails have been developed to offered twists on classic Christmas consumables including mulled wine, candy canes and chocolate. Whisky has been provided by Copper Dog; a modern Scotch which promises a honey and spice infused Whiskey blend.

Escape from the winter winds and enjoy a selection of divine bar snacks including mini wurst brioche split rolls, Emmental and cheddar fondue, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, mini stollen bites, and coconut baked macaroons.

candy cane cocktails cloud 23 jacquart ice bar

Jacquart Ice Palace

winter wonderland afternoon tea hilton cloud 23 manchester

Head on up to the Hilton’s popular Cloud 23 Bar (which we have featured previously on STYLEetc for it’s Autumnal Menu) for even more seasonal delights. A bespoke Winter Wonderland Afternoon Tea has been created to accompany the vast selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from.

The savoury menu includes treats such as Parma ham and chive cream cheese, a poached salmon and caviar blini stack, a roasted butternut squash and feta parcel, pigs in blankets with honey mustard glaze, and cranberry and brie quiche.

These are complemented by a gingerbread Christmas tree, mince pies, a coconut macaroon snowman, Christmas fruit cake, candy canes, and a tart cherry scone with jam and clotted cream.

Both bars at the Hilton have naturally been decked out in premiumly styled Christmas decor to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, encouraging guests to stay out of the cold and enjoy the hospitality available. A very homely lit fireplace complete with armchairs and sofas to dwell give the perfect atmosphere for capturing the Christmas spirit of home in a public space.

This delicious festive taste sensation is available from 24th November for £45 per person. Visit Manchester Hilton for all info.

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