CreativeSpark Presents Little Print Shop of Horrors

October 29, 2015

With Halloween just around the corner, the toughest decision one has to make is sexy witch or dead cheerleader, but for me the years of getting devilishly dolled up are now a distant nightmare, instead I’m more likely to curl up on the couch; treats in tow and watch a full marathon of gruelling Halloween specials one after the other. As someone who throughly loves the idea of Halloween but feels completely and utterly silly dressing up I rather take a more “grown up” approach to the festivities.


CreativeSpark came up with the most brilliant idea presenting Little Print Shop of Horrors 2015 to pay homage to some of our all time favourite thrillers, showcasing this years designs from Manchester’s own creative minds.
Artworks inspired by movies such as  American Psycho and Stephen King’s Misery to Sweeney Todd and  Hitchcock’s Psycho (my personal fav) are all up for grabs for a very reasonable price. Maybe this year we all just ditch the tricks and bag ourself a little treat in the form of hangable art.


Pieces available to order at

By: Chanel Anderson

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