Creative Nature Snack Bars Review

November 3, 2016
creative nature snack bars multi pack review healthy

Creative Nature specialise in all-natural, raw snacks free from general ingredients which may affect allergies and specific dietary requirements. Our editor tried some of the bars for herself to see if the taste matches up to the positive attributes.

All products from Creative Nature promise to be free from Soya, Gluten, Dairy, Nut and Wheat, making the ideal snack for those suffering from food intolerance or those who simply prefer specific dietary requirements. Each bar promises to be all natural, with no added sugar, honey, preservatives or sweeteners.

Ginger Teatox

Ginger Teatox Superfood Flapjack creative nature vegan snack bars

This particular flavour featured Barley Grass and Ginger, offering a more acquired taste for a typical snack bar. The Ginger comes through strongly, muted slightly by the Organic Barley Grass Powder. The product description notes that the Yerba Mate included gives the bar a fragrant taste, for this editor this was not to my preference having quite the sweet tooth but still worth a try if you need a good energy boost and are willing to compromise on your usual afternoon sugar rush.

Goji Goodness

Goji Goodness superfood flapjack creative nature antioxidants vitamin c berries

The self-dubbed ‘fruity one’ Goji Goodness features raw superfood ingredients; Goji Berries,Cranberries and Gluten Free Oats. This was one of our favourites to sample, catering to berry flavoured preferences and easy to chew. Counting as 1 of your 5 a day fruit and veg, there is all the more reason to take this snack bar on the go to fuel busy days. Vitamin C inclusion additionally boosts antioxidant intake for further benefit.

Peanut Protein

Peanut Protein Snack Bar creative nature pea vegan dairy free

Heavy in Protein as the name suggests, this vegan protein snack offers 7g of protein and claims to be free from all the usual junk found in regular similar snacks. Plainer in taste than some of it’s sibling products, this Snack Bar is all the same satisfying and perfectly suited to those in search of a savoury snack. Fit into your health and fitness routine if Protein is key to your diet to ensure your combination of foods remains balanced and healthy.

Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao superfood flapjack creative nature

The favourite of the bunch sampled, Raw Cacao is a close second to real Chocolate and is counted toward your 5 a day. Vegan friendly and free from preservatives, this bar packs a satisfying flavour, giving you an energy boost when flagging between meals. Unlike conventional Chocolate, Raw Cacao contains a number of healthy minerals, including magnesium, potassium and iron, which are destroyed when usually heated into commercial chocolate bars. Perfect for snackers such as myself who do not wish to compromise on sweet flavour.

Browse the full range at Creative Nature.


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