Cover FX: Flawless vegan cover for all skin types 

July 5, 2017
Cover FX: Flawless vegan cover for all skin types 

Cover FX are experts in what they do, providing flawless skincare to suit your needs. The brand are still pretty new to the make-up industry and have been around for less than a decade, but if anything, being the new kids on the block only seems to help them succeed; especially given their fresh lease of life in recent months.

Ahead of the curve, Cover FX use the latest techniques, products, and have an innovative new approach to skincare. Collections include  a range of over forty colours to choose from, ensuring that you can find a match that will be just perfect for you.

We recently went to their shop in the Trafford Centre, Selfridges and were matched with the tones which best suited our skin. As a redhead, this Writer always struggled to find products that are pale enough to match my colouring, without washing me out and making me look like a ghost.

The team at Cover FX understood and helped find products that look completely natural and also gave a healthy glow finish at the same time. All the staff were unbelievably friendly and helpful; clearly, they believe in the brand and what they’re selling which makes a world of difference. Their range covers everything from foundations to creams and brushes to bases, so you’re sure to find something for you.

The brand started our treatment  by specialising in covering up more serious facial blemishes, whether that be burns or eczema or severe acne. This is still a cornerstone of what they do, and is a wonderful way to help people feel beautiful in their own skin and confident in taking on the world.

As more people tried their products and the effects, however, more and more people wanted this brand. Now, they cater to a wide audience, so whether you need total coverage or just something to lighten the skin under your eyes, Cover FX have you covered.

Vegan Friendly Beauty

One of our favourite things about the products is that they are vegan and don’t contain any of the harmful ingredients that are so common in the mainstream beauty market now.

It’s so important to think about what you’re putting close to your skin, both for your own health and the effect it has on the environment and Cover FX have clearly considered this. There are no parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc in any of their products, making them usable for all and suited for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Talking to Trevor O’Keefe, Artistry Director, he summed the brand up perfectly when he said: “It was designed to look after people’s skin, so they could wear something and be comfortable”.

Cover FX have perfectly understood what people need from their make-up and skincare, and they provide it. They don’t narrowly target themselves at women, instead providing quality and skin-friendly products to anyone who wants a flawless complexion.

Cover FX
Our Writer Jo at Selfridges Trafford Centre



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  1. Hi…can you book a makeover from cover fx in selfridges in Manchester town centre as would really like to try out their products & buy a lipstick/lip pencil & don’t want any nasties in my products…this would be ideal for me ?

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