Cocktail Emporium comes to Cloud 23

March 23, 2018
autumn menu comes to cloud 23 bar

What’s inside Pandora’s’ box? The shrouded mystery is available for you to discover yourself amongst the clouds at Cloud 23. This spring step into The Cocktail emporium, a revolutionary concept that entails a highly immersive, sensory experience.

Not ones to resist a new cocktail or two, STYLEetc headed to to launch of the new concept of Manchester Hilton Hotel’s popular sky bar to see what we made of the new drinks on the menu. Selling the event as there being ‘more to the flavours than meets the eye’ our team was rightly intrigued by the alluring invitation.

The cocktail emporium incorporates beautifully designed cocktails with a deceitful, yet interesting twist. Four new cocktails that resemble old favourites but looking and tasting completely different, each served with an equally mysterious edible treat.

Incorporating the four base flavours of salty, sweet, savoury and sour there’s an option to tantalise anyone’s taste buds. What makes these extra special is they are all packaged in this own secretive box attached with a balloon that rains down the scent of your chosen flavour creating a heightened experience.

The Pandora’s box is available now and priced at £25. Visit Cloud 23 for further information and booking availability.

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