6 Celebs we love this Galentines Day

February 14, 2018
happy galentines valentines day

We’d hate to segment out our single readers by only appealing to those loved up this Valentine’s Day (we’ve already got the gift guide for all covered) so thought we’d use this day of love to spread positive vibes for our favourite female role models.


The saying ‘you have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce’ doesn’t exist for no reason. Beyonce continues to innovate and inspire, whether you like her music or not you cannot fault her determination and command of the industry. Breaking out solo and setting the bar high for followers, she is another female empowerer who spreads word of equality.

Emma Watson

It is admirable that Emma hasn’t let fame change her, staying devoted to her feminist agenda to encourage equality for all with her ‘Her for She’ campaign which saw reputable names across the celebrity circuit backing her and spreading word. Emma also has her own book club, encouraging literacy and discussion amongst her fans.


Pink has carved a successful career by being herself and refusing to conform to expectations. Recently she gained more accolade when she dedicated her speech at the MTV Awards to her daughter, preaching that it’s ok to be different. What better role model for young girls than that? Pink is also unapologetically opinionated, never one to back down when she sees something which needs addressing, which has be proven again and again throughout her career.


Achieving acclaimed success before she was even 20, Adele broke onto the scene with her debut album 19, winning the Critics Choice Award along with the hearts of the nation. Adele took time away from the spotlight to focus on her family which again spread positive messaging of what’s really important, whilst always staying true to her London roots and never playing up to the perfect celebrity stereotype.


Lorde has already achieved so much and at only 21, bagging two Grammy’s and two Billboard Music Awards. Not one to be shy on opion, Lorde stands up for causes she believes in, no matter what the backlash. She also took part in promoting voting in the New Zealand 2014 election despite being too young to vote herself.

Demi Lovato

Overcoming addiction and eating disorders, Demi showed strength in addressing your demons, creating a message for young girls that it’s ok to not be ok. An advocate of body positivity, Demi shuns industry standards and shows off her body (which looks amazing as it is might we add).

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