Bluedot Festival Review 2017

July 20, 2017
Bluedot Festival Review 2017

Bluedot Festival returned to its Jodrell Bank location this summer for another weekend of music and science aimed to entertain and inform. Naturally STYLE etc was in attendance to partake in the festivities.

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Space for Music

What makes this festival truly unique is its total commitment to scientific space theme. Everything from the decoration to the song choices fits the theme making the event pure heaven for science fans whilst still suiting those there purely for sounds and drinks alone.

Having missed the first evenings line up and headliners Pixies, our team was eager to get stuck in on the Saturday and see the best acts on offer. Goldfrapp took the main stage with vigour and attitude, donning metallic space suitable outfits and pumping out some of their best known electronic hits for an enthused sea of spectators.

Saturday headliners Orbital were the main attraction for the night, commanding a large crowd of eager electronic music lovers, no doubt including some longstanding fans keen to see the duo get back together live once again. Their mix of the Dr Who theme song was a particular highlight, which had the crowd moving and whooping with delight at the tease of such a renowned tune.

Euphoric from the highs of Orbital’s set, our evening continued until the early hours with the tent headline performance from Soulwax. As ever, the group performed a slick set, so precise in execution it was almost unbelievable the singers voice was live, we had to quite literally see to believe it.

Sunday’s set of acts continued to impress with a main stage performance from Alt-J. the mood was more relaxed than the hyped nature of Saturday’s sounds but this seemed to be happily accepted by the crowd, more mellow after two nights of high energy activity.

Andy Weatherall took charge of the after hours tent, providing joyous electric beats to keep night owls dancing until the lights went out. Again this took a different mood to the previous day but this was to be expected on the last night of the festival.

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Festival Mood

One of the most enjoyable parts of Bluedot Festival was the attitudes of the crowds it attracted. Families blend amongst twenty-somethings with no clash or quarrel of behaviour. There is a generic feeling of safety when wandering around alone or leaving your tent abandoned, our tent neighbours even made us breakfast in the morning as a gesture of friendship.

Strolling around Jodrell Bank is an experience all itself, which the festival furthers with befitting activity. A yoga garden is situated through a picturesque garden tunnel, closeby to where the nighttime fire bar is placed, which features flamed torches and a pretty display through the main fire wall. The fire bar was the ultimate wind down area to frequent at the end of the night.

During the day there are plenty of science related activities to try. The convention centre houses the key stalls showing some of the latest tech products on the market, including 3D printers and sociable robots. Keeping well fed is also easy with a range of great quality food stalls, we heartily recommend treating yourself to a wood fired pizza, you won’t regret it.

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