Beauty Review: Umberto Giannini Curl Friends

November 1, 2014

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting up with stylist and salon manager Ben at Umberto Giannini  in Harvey Nichols, to try out there new Curl Friends range.


Now as a fellow frizzy haired girl I was dying to try anything that could try to tame my hair. I’ve probably tried half the products out there some make a difference at first but after repeated use my hair grew immune and remained frizzy and unattractive. 

At first glance these products look amazing and of course come in our favourite colour…Pink! The 8 products each work well alone and together to help enhance that curl, Ben reiterated this throughout our meet and explained that the purpose of these products is to enhance each person’s natural curl. It’s not going to make your hair curlier or less curly it works with your hair to give you the best it can get. I don’t particularly feel like my hair could get any curlier even if it tried so this was definitely a relief.


Shampoo – Great hair starts with the right shampoo and I myself have been using the same product for about 10 years! I find my hair reacts badly with any other product as it becomes really knotty so I was worried about switching away from my safe option. First opinion when opening the smell is beyond amazing, like Jean Paul Gaultier! Lathered on beautifully I almost felt like I was in one of those cheesy shampoo adverts. The shampoo has an amazing anti-static effect resulting in such a glossy finish.

6 250ml shampoo

£6, 250ml

Curl Enhancing Conditioner –  I’ve come to find that curly hair is thirsty hair so your conditioner needs to help your hair. The conditioner really smoothed and detangled my usually unruly hair and upon first use I noticed a huge difference with my curls. They were much more defined and soft rather than frizzy.

550 250ml conditioner

£5.50, 250ml

Intensive Conditioner – An intense hydration for your hair in a bottle. Filled with oil and shea butter to restore a bit of order in your hair. The product can be used every wash for an more intense moisture or once a week for hair that doesn’t need as much. I used with every other wash and found my hair was more soft to touch and run my fingers through which is a change from all the knots I usually run into.

6 200ml intense cond

£6, 200ml

Styling cream – this is the newest of the range with an incredible heat defence of 240 degrees which we all know is needed from all the heat we apply to our poor hair from dryers and straighteners. 

styling cream 6 150ml

£6, 150ml

Scrunching jelly – is the biggest seller in the UK approximately 1 sells every 20 seconds and I’m not surprised. It is well suited to both light and heavy hair. 

6 200ml jelly

£6, 200ml

Nourishing Oil – formulated with nourishing coconut oil which is perfect for dry hair. My hair tends to dry out easily from all the heat I apply to it so my hair well and truly needed some nourishment. The oil works really well with all the other products especially the mousse, applying small amounts it gives your hair that much needed bit of TLC. It can be used three ways 1. Before drying to banish that dreaded frizz 2. Mix with mousse to ensure your all day hold 3. As a finishing product to smooth any unwanted flyways.

8 125ml oi

£8, 125ml

Slimming cream – Perfect for those unruly curls that just ooze with unwanted volume. It brings the width of the hair in to keep your curls sleek.

6 150ml slim cream

£6, 200ml

Defining Mousse – Surprisingly this was my personal favourite. I’ve had many bad experiences with mousse and I find my hair always goes crispy and hard which is then a nightmare to brush out! I was sceptical to say the least but upon using this in my hair I was proven wrong. All you need is a small amount which is extremely lightweight it feels like water in your hand, scrunch into the hair and it leaves it soft, not sticky or crispy! It’s as if you’ve got invisible little creatures holding your curls in their perfect bouncy position. My hair was touchable soft and my scalp was not beaten and bruised after brushing my curls out.

550 200ml moose

£5.50, 200ml

So what’s the downside you say, there isn’t one! The products are very reasonably priced so you can feel like you’re having that salon treatment every day. I use to think buying cheaper alternatives was a solution but I’ve soon come to learn that I either have to use more products to get the desired effect or I won’t like the product and buy a few more alternatives. So I’m not saving myself any money, I’d rather pay for a product I know is going to do what I want, when I want. The full range has everything you need for all curl types and all occasions and is available to buy direct from the  Umberto Giannini salon in Harvey Nichols! 

By Charlotte Dawson

ug diagram

Umberto Giannini Top Curl Styling Tips 


More than any other hair type, rubbing with a towel should be avoided. Not only does it damage the hair at its most delicate time, but it can also break up the curl structure and create frizz. This will make the styling part of your regime more difficult. Always dab the hair gently with a towel.


Curly hair tends to be thick and coarse, meaning drying can be difficult to fit into a morning routine. Finding a product that enhances your hair as it dries, such as a mousse or the scrunching jelly, means that you can apply this to your damp hair, without the worry of the hair frizzing and becoming out of control as it dries.


Some curl types have far too much volume and it can be difficult trying to keep the hair flat. Umberto Giannini have launched a volume reducing cream to dramatically reduce unwanted volume and tame unruly curls. Simply apply to the hair when damp for a more relaxed style.


Curly hair absorbs moisture and it is therefore difficult to overload the hair with moisture products. The new Umberto Giannini Curl Oil has been specially formulated with Coconut Oil to be extra moisturising and it can be used pre drying, as a finishing product and as an overnight sleep in treatment for extra coarse hair.


Hair frizzes because it lacks moisture. Using an Intensive Conditioner and Oil will help to prevent the hair looking for moisture in the air and will prevent the surface frizz, leaving you with glossy, soft, tumbling curls


Curly hair never goes out of fashion!

To book your appointment at Umberto Giannini Harvey Nichols, call 0161 828 8840 or visit to email!

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