Basshunter to Play Bongo’s Bingo

August 7, 2018
bongos bingo basshunter

Tickets go on sale this week for Basshunter’s appearance at fun-filled bingo night ‘Bongo’s Bingo’ in Manchester.

A roaring success, the reinvented number calling venture sees classic bingo given an injection of energy. Daft costumes, dancing on tables and coming home covered in pen dabber can all be expected at this boozy affair.

What the night does well is tapping into it’s primarily millenial audience’s nostalgic feelings by bringing ‘throwback’ artists they enjoyed as kids.

¬†Past artists have included S Club (some of), Vengaboys and Boyzlife. 90’s classics are clear winners on the line up as they get the crowds going and into the party spirit.

Here’s to hoping crowds get to hear classics from the upcoming Basshunter performance including ‘All I ever wanted’ and ‘Now you’re gone’. Either way you can be sure the electro-bass DJ will provide plenty of hype to the evening if you don’t manage to win big on the bingo.

Basshunter tickets will go on sale 6th and 8th August on Bongo’s Bingo, for the show on Tuesday 18th September at Albert Hall, Manchester.

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