Barry M Molten Metal Shades Review

June 21, 2017
Barry M Molten Metal Shades Review

Like a magpie to a shiny object, our Editor couldn’t help but be intrigued by the Molten Metals collection by Barry M, making it the perfect set to feature for our latest beauty review.

Advertised to give your nails “show-stopping style and instant luxe” the hype was strong with this one, with the initial range of colours enough to convince us to purchase multiple shades. At a purse-friendly £3.99 these hues were cheap enough to multi-buy and are regularly on offer in Superdrug and Boots, with deals like 3 for 2 a frequent occurrence.

For this review we have only included an overview to show the spectrum of warm and cold hues available, but there are more options to consider in store and online.

Silver Lining

barry m molten metal nail polish silver lining

Every cloud and all that is the inspiration behind this hues naming, so we put it to test to see if optimism matched results. It pains on rather lightly to begin with, but after a solid few coats creates a nice result.

The colour has a duller aspect to it than other silver nail polishes, which is brightened up with the glitter finishing. The finish catches sparkle in the little and makes a nice girly base to wear for understated occasion where you still want to show some personality.

Blue Glacier

barry m molten metal nail polish blue glacier

This is a newer hue to the collection and caught our attention for it’s unique colouring. Depicting true ice queen style, this shade does take a few coats to gain thick coverage, as with the silver, but creates a gorgeous finish.

The lighter application of this glitter polish allows it to easily be layered over alternate base colours, giving the option to experiment with colour and texture clashing in your nail designs.

Copper Mine

barry m molten metal nail polish copper mine

Copper Mine creates a gorgeous rose gold type colour, which lays on nails thicker than some of the other hues in the Molten Metals collection. The result is subtle with the standard glitter finishing.

This hue is a perfect option for creating trend-lead looks from your homeware right down to your fingertips. What we loved most about Copper Mine was the stylish shade which is unlike any other we have found across the high street currently.

Bronze Bae

barry m molten metal nail polish bronze bae

Our least favourite part of the product is in the name itself, but with Bae aside we were open to giving this shade a fair chance. What was most appealing about this colour was the warmer tones to a traditional gold nail polish.

The bronze aspect drew intrigue more than standard gold, with the glitter texture adding further dimension to results. Coverage wise, this is somewhere in the middle of Copper Mine and Silver Lining for thickness, making it a good low maintenance effort for applying in a hurry.

Molten Metals can all be shopped via the official Barry M site.

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