Are you the typical British House Guest?

July 8, 2017
Are you the typical British House Guest?
One thing about visiting your friends houses is that they will always have their own house rules by which you abide as their guest. These rules could be from simply taking off your shoes to more specific requests like where you can smoke (if at all).
A new survey by Wayfair reveals typical British home habits to show what the common etiquette for both guests and hosts at home are.

The Perfect Host

It may seem stereotypical of English nature, but being offered a brew within minutes of stepping over someone’s threshold may be standard practice, making it somewhat surprising that the majority asked revealed they do not offer a guest a cup of tea within 5 minutes of arriving. 43% in total revealed they do offer a cuppa first thing.
Even less of those asked adhered to the standard British small talk of asking their guests how their journey was (just 10%) and a fraction more apologised for the mess in their homes (12%).
british house guest cup of tea

Your House Your Rules?

smoking at friends house rules
The perks of being the boss of your household include being able to set rules for what you will and won’t allow in your home. Interestingly, hosts seem to be shying away from laying down the law to guests, with only 26% admitting they don’t allow smoking in their home.
Minority numbers additionally came back from those who asked their guests to turn lights off when leaving a room and take their shoes off upon entering. With such a low representative example of the public enforcing rules and catering to their guests as a host, it seems the art of home entertaining may be dwindling.

Home is where the Heart is

 So if home hosting is on the way out, what do people see their home as being a priority purpose for? Survey participants were asked to say the first word which sprang to mind when they thought of home and the top answer was hardly surprising; family.
If etiquette and service are low on the agenda, this could suggest that we see family as close enough that no airs and graces need be accommodated. This ties into the mantra for many families, who rather than wait to be offered a brew will simply meander to the kitchen and put the kettle on themselves.
Befitting expectation, other popular words associated with home included; sanctuary, comfort and relaxation, connoting the idea we see our homes as a space to unwind rather than uphold societal expectations and host a gaggle of guests.
home comforts survey british lifestyle
Whatever the truth for each person, it is clear we see home as a safe space. A space to be enjoyed and developed into a hub of comfort and entertainment which suits individual personas.

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