All That Jazz Nail Polish Review

October 7, 2017
All That Jazz Nail Polish Review

Full of lively shades and a broad spectrum of colours, All That Jazz offers a plentiful selection to brighten up your nails. STYLEetc put a selection of hues to the the test to see what we made of the collection.

Bright Hues

Like a magpie to a shiny object, we were instantly drawn to the more vibrant hues on the All That Jazz site. The selection of colours in the Professional Nail Lacquers selection will give you plenty to peruse. Stand out shades like The Margarita, Thailand Red and Miami will ensure your nails stand out against your outfit.

Catherine’s Canary Fairy makes an effervescent shade to update your look for something different. The hue has a little added sparkle and with a few solid layers will last long without chipping away. She Said Yes is another hue to delve into if you like pretty peaches, again with a sparkle hue, the coral-like hue is gorgeous for holidays and summer.

Pretty Textures

The textures on offer made us happy to browse, with a mix of large sparkly flecks along with more minute glitter speckles. Shades in the textured selection offered shades from dark to light to suit all manner of wear environments.

Shades like Diamonds Are Forever will require a lot of coats solely but can be better put to use atop a pastel shade base like Pixie Whispers. Supernova adds a futuristic texture to its silvery base, being something a little different if you’re searching for new tones to try.

Opportunity Knocks was a personal favourite, giving thick application to work as a standalone glitter hue. After two or three coats the base remains event and doesn’t clump and dries fairly quick.

Durable Wear

Opportunity Knocks

Of the hues we tried, Opportunity Knocks proved to be the most durable, not budging after days of wear.

All shades impressed us on wear and last with none having major issues with chipping. This was the case for the full range including pastels, brights and textured tones. 

Some pastels needed a few more coats than their bolder hued counterparts, but still performed suprisingly better than most of the other contenders on the high street. 

The Top Note and Base Line accompany the full collection to ensure long-lasting wear and a nice shine on top.

Musically themed the names were cute and playful, showing nods to the brand’s inspirations for each colour choice.

Most shades start at £9.98 so a little higher than competitors like Barry M but for the quality it’s certainly reasonable.

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