All that Jazz Nail Lacquer Review

October 20, 2018
All that Jazz Nail Lacquer Review

Relatively recent converts, we were first introduced to All That Jazz 12 months ago, reviewing a vast range of hues from their broader collection from metallics to mattes. At the time we were overall impressed with the vibrancy of colours and thickness upon application. As the new ‘Designer ‘ collection is released online, we decided to take another look and see how the brand is getting on.

Inspired by renowned designers; Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang and Coco Chanel, each shade in the collection represents each designers personality and the set is sold and packaged as a collective 4, although shades can be purchased separately. 

all that jazz review nail lacquer


What we have always loved about All That Jazz is the thickness in the formula. You are sure to get good last from one pot as the consistency allows minimal coats to achieve a thick finish.

This is not to be said that it is excessive and can, of course, be layered up or down as you desire. 

The pigment is strong, particularly in the brighter shades, Vivienne is a perfect example of this, just one coat gives an instant pop of purple that catches the eye with no transparency.

Glitter shades such as Betsey require a little more layering if worn solely, but work nicely as a top coat to a matte base for some extra sparkle.


vivienne all that jazz

Inspired by legendary punk rock enthusiast Vivienne Westwood, the shade of it’s namesake takes on plenty of attitude. A bold purple with a glitter and shimmering finish, this lacquer has a thick consistency with so much pigment we adore it. 

The results give such a strong layer, you needn’t bother with any top coat as there is so much texture to the polish already. After being applied, we found this stood the test of time after a few days with minimal chipping. 


A little bit slicker than Vivienne, Coco offers a demure and elegant shine with a similar shimmer finish but a bit more gloss to it’s texture. Just as thick, you can easily make do with just one coat if you apply just right. As with Vivienne it gave a good lasting wear for the few days trialled.

Inspired by the notable Chanel founder, Coco has a richness to it which reflects a luxury inspiration. We feel this bodes well to fit an autumnal wardrobe and can work well for both day and night.

coco all that jazz


betsey all that jazz

Betsey takes on the eccentric persona of it’s muse Betsey Johnson, with a high glitter finish in a mixture of metallic pieces for an overall silver hue.

Of all the collection, this was the trickiest to handle and can be a little messy when applying due to the metallic piece in the polish. 

We’d recommend taking care not to over do it as you may end up with clumps and waste a little formula in the process,

Standalone, the polish gives a translucent result, with speckles of glitter pieces mixed in a clear solution. This can be thickened up to give fully silver nails but will take a lot of layering. An alternative is to combine with a plain silver polish underneath for a smoother finish.


At first glance we thought Vera was a basic nude, but after trying it out found it had more to it than just a base shade. Just like Vera Wang, this colour epitomises minimalist yet beautiful design. 

Lilac tones can be found in the shade, giving a little more interest and diversity to this as a neutral colour.

A very subtle pastel, this shade gives consistent and even coverage which again gave exceptionally good wear for the price. A gloss finishes off to leave extra shine.

vera all that jazz

At £11.97  the collection essentially gives you a ‘Buy 3 get 1 free’ offer. At just under 12 quid we would definitely say the set is great value for money. The quality competes and in some cases outdoes some key drugstore brands and we can’t wait to see what the brand does next. You can shop the Designer Collection online.

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