Aldi Mascara: Is it any good?

January 7, 2018
aldi 3d effect black mascara effect

Here at Style etc we are constantly on the lookout for new hit beauty products that deliver excellent results and also won’t break the bank. Despite this, we have to admit we were dubious when we first heard of Aldi’s venture into the make-up world. Being famed for their reasonably priced groceries – could Aldi really deliver the same exceptional results with make up? We bought one product to put to the test ourselves.

Our venture in Aldi beauty began by trying the Lacura 3D Effect Mascara, which is marketed as providing “curve, fullness and length. Three-dimensional perfection”, a promising bold claim to begin with.

The packaging has an appealing and standout design with the classic black design featuring gold text for a decorative finish.

Unlike most mascaras the brush is exposed inside the packaging and a cover from the lid needs to be removed before it can be used.

The beauty of the brush is that it is tapered with smaller bristles perfect for reaching lower lashes and the hard to reach inner corner lashes.

The rest of the brush is thicker and curved to sweep lashes into a noticeable curl. Within a few coats, lashes are visibly thicker and enhanced in length.

Despite not being waterproof, which is perhaps the only downside to this product, it will comfortably stay on all day without the unpleasant fall down on to your cheeks. From experience, we find that mascaras will claim to be smudge proof and curl, length and thicken lashes yet offer perhaps just one of these.

We have been seriously impressed with the quality of this Aldi mascara and especially so considering it costs a mere £2.49, which is a fraction of the price you’d pay even for most high street brands.

aldi lacura 3d effect mascara
Aldi Lacura Beauty 3D Effect Mascara £2.49

In honest opinion, it’s just as good if not better than many of its competitors. With a new year beginning to discover new brands, we recommend adding Lacura to your collection as a new favourite mascara.

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  1. Ashleigh White says:

    Why do your shops not stick mascara

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