Acts we can’t wait to see at Parklife 2018

May 10, 2018
Acts we can't wait to see at Parklife 2018

It’s officially our favourite time of year at STYLEetc, that is Festival season of course. As we prep ourselves for dancing in muddy fields, losing track of the hours and seeing our favourite artists, there’s only one Manchester based festival we have our eye on: Parklife.

With the 2018 line-up announced we already have our eye on a few of the artists on the agenda. Here’s our top picks of ones not to miss at this year’s event.

The Indie Choice

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is sure to get a crowd going on the main stage. As twenty-something’s who remember Liam’s last visit to Heaton Park, back in 2009, we certainly won’t be missing this time round either.

The Noughties Throwback

We love a good throwback and N*E*R*D provide the perfect choice of tunes to take us back to happier days. We’re hoping to hear live classics including ‘She wants to move’ and ‘Hot’n’Fun’.

The Veteran DJ

One of the best things of festivals is the opportunity they offer to see classic artists, with Carl Cox being one big name not to be missed. After decades in the industry,  Cox can pretty much be guaranteed to provide continuous fun from seamlessly blended electronic beats.

The Crowd Pleaser

Most attendees will no doubt be headed to the main stage to check out the XX. Known for tunes Crystalised and VCR, the chilled and effortless symphonies will give chance to sing along and unwind compared against some of the higher tempo choices.

The After Hours Option

At Parklife events from many moons ago, we have epic memories of stumbling across the tent hosting Green Velvet, who draws you in with his hypnotic and repetitive looping rhythms. Definitely worth staying until the end for.

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Visit Parklife to checkout the full line-up.

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