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STYLEetc. is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine covering Manchester and Cheshire. Our site is functionally designed to bring the latest news you want to see to your device or computer in an editorial fashion.

We pride ourselves on outputting high quality content to give the best representation of our features. Transitioning from traditional glossy to digital editoral site, STYLEetc. has seen a few changes in the past year, recruiting a newly dedicated team and successfully witnessing growth as a brand.

STYLEetc. is updated daily and focuses around both regional and national fashion and lifestyle news as well as covering exclusive Manchester events.

What we do differently to other Manchester sites is bring a unique perspective and blend of news, merging the interests of our readers to represent the wider community. Experts in fashion, beauty and life, we bring our own opinions on the aforementioned as well as food, drink, events and music to give insight to a typical Mancunian lifestyle.

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