A Glamorous Opening at The Trafford Centre

September 8, 2015

Put your hands up if you love fashion? Put your hands up If you love fashion that’s fast but at an affordable price? Put your hands up if you love fashion that’s bang on trend? Okay, I know what you’re thinking, enough of the annoying and blatantly obvious questions. But, what these questions do make you realise is that you’ve probably said yes to them all and with saying yes it gives me no greater pleasure to tell you all that you’d absolutely love Glamorous.

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Glamorous for those of you who don’t know, is a vibrant fast-fashion retailer who not only creates great clothes, but sells them all throughout the world. From Bloomingdales in New York, Asos online and all the way to its boutique in your local Topshop, Glamorous Is all set for full on world domination. With this being said, Glamorous felt that now they had conquered the e-commerce market they were ready to say hello to stand alone stores. And what better place to start than no other than its birthplace of Manchester! Meaning people, say hello to Glamorous and the Trafford Centre. With plans to slowly roll out even more shops into all ‘Intu’ shopping centres, Glamorous is set to give the fashion consumer all they’ll ever need. 

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Arriving at the store a little earlier than scheduled, I stood outside, chatted away with the other writers and excitedly awaited the opening. As the doors flung open we were ushered in and greeted by the lovely Nat who talked us through the store, it’s begininnings and just what they aimed to do.  After being given lots of baked treats, bucks fizz and a gift voucher we we’re all off to shop. Browsing around the store and lapping up their amazing items( whilst finding it SO hard to pick one item may I add), I headed into the fitting rooms to try.  Seeeveral items later,a delighted Emma had picked a beautiful co-ord skirt and decided to wander around the store some more. After maaaany laps around the shop I’d come to notice a boho theme runnin’ throughout the store. With fringed jackets, denim midi’s and a whole lotta suede, Glamorous was bang on trend.

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After chatting with lots of lovely people, gaining a further insight of the brand and mentally writing a wish-list for payday, I’d had an amazing time, and come 10am it was time to open the doors to the public. With a swarm of people heading in, goody bags being given out and opportunities to win vouchers, it was time for me to go. For all of you who haven’t experiencd Glamorous items before, be sure to head on down as it’s beyond amazing!

Thanks to Natalie at Glamorous HQ and all the lovely staff for a great morning.

-Below is a photo of the beeeautiful skirt I had chosen from their range. Floral, jacquard and the perfect length it’s perfect for work or even a wedding.

To browse their beautiful pieces for yourself, head to www.glamorous.com

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Enjoy x

By Emma Louise Ryan

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