Bag Trends: What to expect from Autumn/Winter 2017?

August 18, 2017
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So far, the trends popular designers have presented on the runways across the globe this 2017 have left everyone in awe. From clothing to accessories, critics everywhere have been satisfied with the newest looks, but this year’s bag trends will most likely make everyone covet at least one of these beautiful bags with zero buyer’s regret.

Designers have succeeded so far in making the bag the focal point of attention and unmissable accessory to presented looks. STYLE etc has rounded up our top trends for  autumn/winter 2017, giving you our best picks of the next seasons most wanted accessories.

Statement Straps

Beautifully decorated, a statement strap aims to draw instant attention, making itself the hero piece of design. 

Clever design will ensure a statement strap doesn’t just detract, but enhances overall design to make it’s according bag more of a statement than originally designed.

Fendi has wrapped straps in fur on their runway presentations of late, though this might not be for everyone.

Cute designs like this Anya Hindmarch piece shown have plenty of character and feature decorative straps which bring originality to the playful aesthetic. 

Simple features such as bows on the straps add a new element to your essential accessory, something which can be easily replicated at home should you not have the budget for extravagant purchases.

anya hindmarch eyes chain clutch
Anya Hindmarch Eyes Chain Clutch Bag

Micro Bags

fendi micro bag kan if trends
Fendi Micro Kan I F

Who know what you can fit in these tiny bags, but who cares when they are so small and cute?

It’s a bag which will probably make people wonder if you have actually put anything in it but certainly gain kudos from those in tune with the latest trends.

They are so delicate and mesmerising that you might as well wear them empty for all the practicality you’ll achieve but this doesn’t stop us wanting to snap one up immediately.

Ideal for evenings out when your essentials are no doubt lighter and more compact, we envision you can most likely squeeze a lipstick, bank card and potentially mobile phone inside.


The phrase Multi-Bags may have you thinking of excessive amounts of crisps, but this trend is worlds apart from it’s snacking connotations.

It might not make sense on paper, posing the question of why it would be necessary to have more than one bag. However, once thought about how many things you actually need in daily life, then it might start to make more sense.

Designers have thought about your pain and decided to split compartments into individual bags and attach them to one other to satisfy both need and want.

Besides being extremely practical and ensuring that you will never misplace your things, Multi-bags are also about making a statement. Multiple bags adjoined offer a sense of modernism to your outfit unlike accessories seen before them.

fendi multi bag clutch
Fendi Triplette Multi Bags

Oversized Bags

proenza schouler oversized metallic bag
Proenza Schouler Oversized Bag

It’s the bag you can used to hide your entire household in without feeling any guilt, the oversized bag has all the practicality which will make up for any impractical purchases in balance.

With enough room to support a hoarder’s dreams, the oversized bag is reminiscent of mums who tip entire skipsworth of contents out to pluck a simple purse from inside.

Of course, the modern day aesthetic is much cooler than conventional bag lady attire, this season sees textures applied for futuristic appeal. Browse metallics and grained leathers for standout looks.

This trend challenges you to up your bag game and find the largest one you can, the bigger the bag the bolder. 

We have seen the 5XL bag trend make a comeback this year, recurring even larger than before. Next season keep your eyes peeled for full-on washing baskets being dragged down the runways.

Daytime Clutches

This trend might leave you a bit skeptical as to it’s place in a daytime environment, but be open minded and assess the potential of the daytime clutch.

With a modern look slimline structure, this bag holds enough space to carry all important things and is lightweight to simply hold it in your hand or tuck under your arm.

The ultimate accessory for the no-nonsense business woman, this piece marries perfectly to the reworked power suit, eloquently matched with killer heels and a smear of bold lipstick.

YSL black clutch bag
YSL Smoking Leather Clutch Bag

Crocodile Texture

mulberry amberley croc mustard bag
Mulberry Amberley Gold Ochre Croc Bag

Synonymous with luxury, brands have long introduced crocodile texture to their collections and with it an elevated sense of quality rare to recreate across the high street. 

Brands such as Mulberry have reserved crocodile texture for their AW17, previously mentioned in our preview of the new Amberley bag collection.

A common trend amongst croc bags is the use of bold and vibrant colour. Perhaps overwhelming to some outfits, styling should be thought of carefully as not to colour clash.

Don’t be afraid to opt for a daring hue such as this delightful Gold Ochre option, set against a basic palette the colour can really pop and define your look.

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