3 Myths about selling a House you shouldn’t believe

December 10, 2018
myths about selling a house

Are you selling your home for the first time? As with anything these days, you’ll have probably searched online for advice and that can lead to, overwhelming results. There’s plenty of information on this topic but a lot of the times it contradicts completely and can leave you even more confused. It’s important that you avoid the myths that can be present here. This can ruin your chances of getting a great, fast sale. So, let’s look at these false assumptions in more depth.

Looks don't matter

Oh, but you do and this is a theory that needs to be dispelled. The basic idea is that buyers have no interest in the decor or design of your home interior. Instead, they are only interested in the amount of space, the four walls and the general land they are purchasing. This is a lie. No buyer looks at a home and doesn’t take into consideration the design or decor. What you have to remember here is that you are selling the dream. Buyers want to see what they can transform your home into. So, while, what’s in it literally has no relevance of whether they decide to purchase a home, it could still impact the perceived value. This means that you should clean up the clutter by using a company like Henfield Storage to keep it safe and provide a show home aesthetic for your property. Don’t forget, this also makes a home look bigger and that’s another great bonus.

Broken is Charming

You might have heard the idea that people love the possibility of purchasing a fixer-upper. Here’s the problem though. People will only buy a fixer upper if it’s at the right price and that’s probably going to be a lot lower than your hoped market value. That means that ultimately you can end up getting a lot less than your property is worth due to issues that can usually, easily be fixed before the home goes on sale.

So, do spend a few months making simple repairs before you put the home on the market. You’ll be thankful you did if you take this step.

It is possible to take another approach and try and hide issues that need repairs. Do bear in mind though that when asked about any problems, legally agents cannot lie and neither can you. You must disclose any information that you know about the home and it’s likely they’ll request a survey that reveals all the secrets anyway.

renovate bathroom

Never accept the first offer

deal contract

Last but not least, you will definitely have heard the concept that you should never accept a first offer from a buyer. But what if it’s at just the right price? Sure, it’s probably a little below your asking price, but that’s okay. Remember, homes will typically go on the market at a little over what they are worth for precisely this reason. You don’t want to be in a position where you reject the first offer and end up waiting months for the next.

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