Would you hide money from your Husband?

Would you hide money from your Husband?

Relationships are meant to be built on trust, communication and sharing of lives, so is it so surprising that a new survey has revealed almost a quarter of British women are hiding considerable amounts of money from their partners?

The survey, commissioned by AutoEurope, polled females across the country and found some wives had thousands stashed away unbeknown to their spouses. Results may come as surprising to more honest couples who are happy to share all financial information, no matter how daunting, but for many it seems it could be the key to keeping their partner blissfully happy and stress free.

Money hiders are going to extreme lengths to keep the brevity of their funds secret from their other halves, with 13 percent even involving their own parents into the lie to help keep the secret. Some went as far as to open offshore accounts to keep their money truly independent of their relationship status. Statistics show the average amount saved per female who had hidden money was £,2768, choosing to store funds in secret bank accounts or hide cash where it cannot be discovered.

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Runaway Wives

The light-hearted side of this survey shows women merely saving for emergency shopping funds or a bit of spare cash to treat themselves, but the other worrying side to these results are the married women looking to exit their vows and seek a new life away from their partner.

23% of those asked admitted their savings were not merely for a rainy day, more for setting up a new life should their married one go south. The average woman confessed they believed they needed a grand total of £21,164 to escape their marriage and go it alone. The real question of this is whether this is practicality or cynicality towards the idea of mating for life? On that one the jury is still out it would seem.

The lighter side of results showed the majority, 31%, really were just saving for a holiday away, perhaps even to surprise or take their partners, lessening the severity of motives behind secret saving.

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Expert Opinion

A spokesperson from AutoEurope said this of the results: “Our research suggests that women in relationships show a determined effort to save for well-earned indulgences on their own. From holidays to far-flung destinations without their partners to mini-breaks with friends, it seems that time away from their relationships is key to feeling a sense of freedom while remaining financially independent from one another”.

So is saving separately the way to go or is it damaging the trust in relationships? We would love to hear your opinions so please do let us know across social and in the comments below and read more Lifestyle on STYLE etc.


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