UP Fitness offers Speed Dating Workouts to get your Heart racing

UP Fitness offers Speed Dating Workouts to get your Heart racing

In a premise that can be interpreted intriguing or off-putting UP Fitness Manchester is offering Speed Dating Circuit Workouts to the city of Manchester. Not convinced? Well it’s for a good cause so get your running shoes on and your face on.

Taking place on Valentine’s Day at 7pm, a good distraction for diary-free singles to escape the smugness of couples amassing everywhere else in the city centre, the event is available to all, with a ticket price of £20 and proceeds going to the World Heart Foundation. Post-event those who make it through the workout will attend a dinner at an undisclosed local restaurant, a good chance to mingle with those who got your pulse quickening in the circuits.

Perhaps the idea of meeting someone at the gym is your idea of a nightmare, sweaty-faced and hair askew, but stepping out of your comfort zone could be just the what the doctor ordered (in more ways than one if you’ve spent winter as a couch potato as some of us have, ahem).

UP Fitness offers Speed Dating Workouts to get your Heart racing

The class will involve 10 high-intensity workout stations, where 10 men and 10 women can work out in couples for two minutes before moving on to the next exercise and the next person. Men and women will rotate around the circuit in opposite directions so they will get to workout with a new partner at every station.

Adam Crofts, business development manager at Ultimate Performance Fitness, said: “A lot of people struggle to find a partner they have something in common with and as we are a world-leading personal training business, we thought why don’t we lend a helping hand and create an event that will bring people together who love working out?”

 Participants will be put through their paces by highly-qualified personal trainers, whilst getting to know one another. Afterwards, the group will have the opportunity to use UP Fitness’s shower facilities and dress up to go to a top local restaurant and continue the evening.

The circuit workout will include standing shoulder press, battle ropes, dumbbell squats and barbell hip raises, hanging leg raises, planks and an intense stint on the Watt Bike. However, the workout will be scaled to cater to all abilities.

Fancy giving it a try? Register your interest at UP Fitness Manchester.


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