Trend Report: Luxury Oriental Print

Trend Report: Luxury Oriental Print

Oriental patterns and prints are back in a big way for this spring/summer 2017 and frankly we couldn’t be happier. Continuing fashion’s constant cycle and regurgitation of trends for the coming seasons, 90’s makes the hitlist for next season.

Oriental prints have a classic appeal yet manage to remain contemporary when crafted correctly, the key to nailing Asian prints successfully is to counter-balance your print just right to offset your look but not clash or go over the top.


The holiday saviour for throwing on and keeping cool without comprising a killer look, Kimonos are perfectly versatile for the (hopefully) brighter weather ahead. Usually comprising of light and floaty fabrics, the Kimono can be interpreted as a layer or jacket as your mood and need dictates.

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Floral Wrap Jumpsuit £418.00 | 2. Roda Floral Jaquard F.R.S. Dress £695.00


There are some truly beautiful selections of the new bags of the season, none more so than some of these floral beauties. Adorning clear Asian patterning influence vehemently, strong contenders for top picks come from Gucci, Ted Baker and Alexander McQueen (all natural choices for a luxury choice besides the print).

1. Alexander McQueen Floral Crossbody Bag @ Selfridges £1095.00 | 2. Dries Van Noten Floral Silk Shoulder Bag @Selfridges £665.00 | 3. Gucci Sylvie Floral Jaquard Mini Bag £1,450 | 4. Ted Baker Hariot Floral Lady Bag @ House of Fraser £129.00 


A statement shoe is always a fine way to identify personal style and these offerings are sure to get the message across. Chosen across premium brands, the floral prints draw the eye’s attention and the intricacies in design exude a luxurious feel, from brands you just know will stand the test of time and make lasting investments to your collection.

1. Rocha Velvet Floral Embroidered Platform Sandals £1225.00| 2. Ted Baker Armeana Oriental Sliders £60.00 | 3. Newbark Maggie Floral Platforms £315 | 4. Alexander McQueen Floral Suede Loafers £670.00

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