Titanic Spa Huddersfield Review

Titanic Spa Huddersfield Review

Promising escapism in an exclusive space, the Titanic Spa offers tranquil surroundings set in a valley on the outskirts of Huddersfield. STYLE etc. were invited to experience a spa break for ourselves and indulge in the full experience.

Finding the spa itself was relatively easy considering it’s setting, a quick trip on the M62 from Manchester will see you there in an average of 45 minutes from start to finish, considering traffic isn’t heavy. Parking is offered free for all spa guests right at the front of the building, of which the building itself is a converted Mill, playing historic reference to it’s home city’s past.

titanic spa huddersfield review

The Mill setting works perfectly for the spa, offering spacious rooms with plenty of light as desired. After a quick check-in our editors were offered robes and given a quick tour of the facilities. A 15m indoor swimming pool is set in front of a secluded gym for the spa-goers who like their exercise, whilst the alternate facilities offer relaxation and require minimal effort. Besides an outdoor hot tub and dining area, Titanic Spa boasts an exclusive experience aptly named ‘Heat and Ice’ area which promises to ‘guide your body through a sensory journey’ which we would discover the truth of for ourselves.

titanic spa huddersfield review

titanic spa huddersfield shop

After receiving an itinerary of our meals and treatment appointments, we hit the pool first. As we were visiting on a weekday the pool was nice and quiet, leaving plenty of space for a lengthy swim. As the sun shone in through the side windows it was perfect to unwind on the few sun loungers available and take our minds elsewhere. After a time we decided to move on and what else was on offer, as it was a particularly warm day, the outdoor hot tub proved most popular so we moved on to the Heat and Ice experience.

titanic spa pool review

In the Heat and Ice area a circular corridor leads way to several rooms, featuring traditional saunas, a saunarium, an aromatherapy heat room, an ice room, a small ice pool and a foot spa area. The heated sauna’s offer three alternate rooms with different heats and humidity, with the hottest reaching 85 degrees. Advice on how long to spend in each is offered, along with a drinking fountain to ensure you stay hydrated.

titanic spa review

The Aromatherapy Room is infused with scents with steam and mood setting bold blue light to allow guests to feel fully immersed in its 15 minute recommended stay, whilst another heated room offered a more bearable 35 degrees to dwell longer in. On the colder front a 12 degree cooling pool is available to submerge in if the heat gets a little too much, a small affair, access is led by a stairway for an intended quick dip. For a further chill, the ice room offers crushed ice which is directed to be rubbed onto the skin to alleviate muscles and complement the contrary hotter experiences.

titanic spa apartment view room review

A busy choice was the foot spa, which offered three small baths, with jacuzzi like bubbles which could be switched on or off. A plug allows the bath to be refilled for each guests, with a side of accommodating gel to let you build your bath as suits. The baths are sat in a line, allowing users to chat and relax whilst indulging their feet, the jets last a set time and can be used as often as you please.

As one o’clock approached we made our way back to the restaurant for our scheduled Lunch which was included. The selection of options were limited but showed attention to detail in the choice. We opted for the Lamb and Beef Sausage with mustard slaw and relish on top. After reviewing the menu further we decided to pay extra for the afternoon tea, which was available from 3pm onward as an additional bite before dinner.

afternoon tea titanic spa review

The Afternoon Tea was a surprising delight, well worth the £6.95 price tag. For the price we got a pot of tea each, a caramel and chocolate macaron, a slice of madeira cake and a scone with jam and clotted cream. To cater to all tastes a choice of plain or fruit scones were available, we sampled both styles and were more than satisfied.

titaic spa lunch menu sausage relish

In the evening we were offered an multi-course inclusive meal from the set menu options, there were a select few starter offerings so we tried the Ham and Buffalo Mozzarella which proved delectable and enjoyable. For mains our editors had the Chicken and the Pork, both with potatoes on the side. One fussy eater was catered to as the staff accommodated request to have potato in substitute of the usual risotto, without fuss. Dessert comprised of Sticky Toffee Pudding, exquisitely sweet with butterscotch sauce and pouring cream to complete this dish. Post-dinner we also tried the 1911 bar, which had covetable decor and a tempting selection of Cocktails and Champagne to try.

titanic spa meal menu review

titanic spa meal menu review

titanic spa meal menu review dessert sticky toffee pudding

raspberry champagne rumbullion cocktail bar 1911 titanic spa

After a day of relaxing and eating, our team were excited of the inevitable escape to our included apartment, which was set inside the same mill as the spa, with easy lift and stair access from the main reception. Our apartment outdid expectations, as we were housed in a 2 bedroom option with fully fitted kitchen, living area and a balcony which delivered breathtaking views of the Yorkshire countryside.

titanic spa apartment room bedroom

titanic spa apartment review

The apartment was decorated modernly, with a breakfast hamper included to ensure you needed leave comfortable surroundings when you rise the following day. When our team was making breakfast, we realised the milk was off yet still in date, nothing which a quick call to reception couldn’t resolve as they hastily sent up a member of staff to swap this for us.

titanic spa room apartment

titanic spa flowers room review

Throughout our stay excellent service was visibly noticeable, we needn’t go through a door without someone more than happy to hold it for us, with every request being met without any issue. The team truly were impressive with their dedication to catering to their guests and that attitude added to our overall relaxed and pleasant stay.

To view offers and book your stay visit Titanic Spa.


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