Surviving the spring showers in style

Surviving the spring showers in style

Spring is just around the corner, and with it all the seasonal showers that we have come to know and love in the UK. Despite knowing that rain is an almost inevitable part of living in Manchester, we all too often get caught off guard and our fabulous, well styled outfits quickly transform into a sodden mess. There’s no need to suffer in silence though, here are some top tips on how to survive these showers in style. We may live in a place that sees grey sky’s and misty mornings far more often than we’d like, but our outfits don’t need to mirror this gloom. If you’re looking for how to adapt your style to the rainy season, then this is the definitive guide for you.

Surviving the spring showers in style raincoats style etc

1.Invest in a rain coat that fits your style

Rain is one of the defining characteristics of Manchester, and something that we all have to adapt to. If you live in the area, or even just visit frequently, then a well tailored rain coat is central to surviving. You can go for something from the classic neutral pallet, but there’s no rule that says you have to, so why not experiment with a pop of colour that will make you stand out on our grey streets?

Surviving the spring showers in style audrey hepburn umbrella style etc

2. Buy an umbrella that brings a smile

Despite popular wisdom, it is possible to be quirky, cute and stylish all that same time. If it’s going to rain then why not glam up the perfect accessory to protect you from that: the umbrella. Choose something that you’ll be excited to use, so that a rainy day is suddenly transformed into an event to look forwards to. Whether it’s finding an umbrella that perfectly matches your coat, is vibrantly multicoloured, or has your favourite work of art printed across it, then this trick is sure to draw a silver lining around those grey clouds. A personal favourite of mine are umbrellas that are designed to change colour, or reveal a pattern, when water hits them – suddenly the rain is part of your outfit, rather than working against you.

Black Red and Blue England Flag Print Rain Boots

3. Wellies can be worn in the city now

Many may object but it cannot be denied that wellington boots are a firm favourite amongst fashionistas across the country. Sure, they still may not be acceptable in the office (give it time!) but wellies can now be seen almost everywhere else. They’re fun, create an entirely new silhouette and have a charmingly reminiscent feel back to childhood. No puddle is too large for a pair of wellies to talk on, so step out ready to take on those waterlogged streets.

Surviving the spring showers in style field dress

4. Brightcolours are key

The sky may be grey, but that doesn’t have to reflect in your wardrobe. In fact, if there was ever a time for vibrant colours to liven up your mood then this is it! Spring is a beautiful season, filled with flowers coming into bud and the tinge of summer in the air- but before we get to that golden period, there’s the February fog and April showers. To help survive this season, and keep the mood high, lets bring out those colours designed to bring a smile to the face.

Surviving the spring showers in style layered trends style etc

5. Layers are your best friend

We may be sure of rain at some point during the day, but beyond that, there are few certainties about Mancunian weather. It changes so frequently that it’s hard to plan an outfit appropriate for the multiple seasons we experience in a single day. This is where layers come in handy! Whether you face a drizzle or downpour, you’ll be ready to go if you have layers to hand and are ready to recreate your look throughout the day. Flexibility and resilience are really the key to surviving these spring showers in style; there’s no point fighting the weather, so work with it to create some fabulous new outfits.


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