Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review

In the month for detoxing and rejuvenation there is competition aplenty for health and wellness ventures, yet one brand making a statement amongst the masses is the Skin Health Spa which plays host to its own line of beauty products named Flint + Flint (pronounced Flint plus Flint).

Making a bold statement with its unique branded outlet in Harvey Nichols, Skin Health Spa brings attitude and edge to a usually muted decor of Spa interiors. Not ones for whale songs and playing it safe, the Spa set themselves apart for a memorable experience.

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review FLINTSkin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review lobby cross flint + flint

Our Editor paid a visit to the Skin Health Spa to trial a ‘Mrs Flint’ Facial and see if this new take on tranquillity lives up to expectations.

Located in the Beauty department at the back of Harvey Nichols, Skin Health Spa turns up volume with its neon crosses and plush padded walls, quite Afflecks meets high end with the added wall graffiti thrown in. In its premium department store it may be difficult to imagine such a fixture fitting in, which it doesn’t, but that isn’t a bad thing.

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review graffiti wallSkin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review waiting room

After waiting in a secluded waiting area and offered refreshments of water (which some treatments are recommended to be had with after) your facialist leads you to a designated treatment room.

Lay flat out on a standard massage bed with lit up cross emblazoned above it’s easy to resemble a corpse (albeit a contemporary chic one) as your therapist¬†gets to work.

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review flint +

The Mrs Flint treatment is said to be specially put together to benefit female skin types, aiming to revive and hydrate your skin with selected Flint + Flint products and Transderm technology.

Transderm works as a mechanical facial system (sounds scary, isn’t) by penetrating the skin in advance to allow creams to be fully absorbed and seep further into your skin than superficial application will allow.

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review transderm facial flint + flint

Skin Health Spa claims most standard facials take between 40-50 minutes for moistures, vitamins and lotions to get to work, with Transderm reducing this time but additionally allowing further penetration of the skin for maximum effect.

The benefits of Transderm are listed onsite as;

– making skin permeable to macromolecules in a non-invasive way
– delivering active substances without trauma, injury or irritation
– an alternative to injectionsfor all Mesotherapy applications

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review flint + flint products

The procedure itself was undertaken after a quite typical facial experience, several creams and lotions were applied with generous time given to allow relaxation and time for the Flint products to work their magic.

The concept of Transderm may sound intrusive but the use of the machine is much more intimidating that the experience itself. It is in no way a cosmetic procedure and simply feels like a prickle against the skin in tender areas and can barely be felt at all in others.

After the facial you are advised not to apply any make-up or cosmetics to the skin for 12 hours, so be mindful not to book your facial on the day of a social outing if you can’t brave a make-up free appearance.

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review transderm machine facial

The end result left the skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. The skin was not at all sore post-Transderm and it did a decent job of ridding the face of clogged pores and dirt. This feeling lasted a while and contributed with an imposed skincare regime did make the difference to a usually oily and breakout prone complexion.

Skin Health Spa Harvey Nichols Review flint + flint

The Mrs Flint Facial collection includes:

  • Moisturiser
  • Serum
  • SPF 30 Primer
  • Glycolic Cleanser
  • Everyday Wash
  • Lip Hero

To book your appointment visit Skin Health Spa, prices offered subject to enquiry.


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