Reasons to own your Fashion mistakes

Reasons to own your Fashion mistakes

We know our STYLEetc. readers are a fashion savvy bunch, but in many cases (certainly ours) this hasn’t always been the case. Today we’re discussing why it’s OK to own your fashion mistakes and even admit to them (yes even that neon bomber that seemed a great idea at the time).

Identifying your style

It all begins with how we consume fashion in it’s first introduction to us, from a personal perspective this was via magazines the love affair began. The gateway for many, magazines allowed entry to an exclusive world in which we previously had limited access too. High end editorials shot beautifully from an artistic eye created aspiration towards the models, encompassing a surreal life to evoke want from the consumer.

A good shoot could make the case for any questionable fashion trend, no matter how wacky. The following aspect to consumption was the influence around us, be they friends, family or that cooler older sibling. Watching the filtration from catwalk to high street sparked imagination to encompass these looks for ourselves.

Reasons to own your Fashion mistakes plaid shirts

Revisiting fashion mistakes 

Looking back now, we may cringe at the sandals and socks combo, wince at the sight of our half-head of cornrows a la Cheryl Cole or even grimace at the sheer sight of Jelly Sandals, but don’t write this off as an aesthetic to forget. Through these faux-pas we learn and develop a personal style all our own.

Even the chicest of fashion models will look back at past jobs and regret some of the style choices they made, but from public perspective it works better to own these retro looks and take accountability no matter how bad. The secret to nailing personal style is to have conviction and confidence in any look you put together. Look at bloggers for key examples of this; being brave enough to clash prints, textures and step outside the conformity box of what we have defined to socially acceptable fashion.

Reasons to own your Fashion mistakes

Fashion is yours, mine and anyone else’s for the taking. There is no right or wrong, there is simply opinion and your right to challenge it. We, as a fashion magazine and style website, can make recommendations but you as the consumer can choose what to do with that information. We may recommend Heeled Mules as a key trend for 2017, when you’re more of a flats person. This does not mean your choice isn’t ‘on trend’ it merely dictates your way to make the trend your own.

In terms of the looks you had which you’d rather forget, choose not to. Instead look at how different your style is now and the influence going for that product or look had long-term on shaping your developed preferences now.

Those flare sleeved hippy tops? Maybe they encouraged a long-term path into new wave boho. That Emo band Tee? Perhaps it transitioned into a effortlessly cool grunge affair. Own your personal style, own your fashion mistakes and if you still dress like that now, own that too.

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