Proto-col Colour Correct and Baked Mineral Shimmer Review

Proto-col Colour Correct and Baked Mineral Shimmer Review

Contouring and shading your palette is big business in the beauty industry, making it all the more vital to up your game with colour correction and shimmer choices. Proto-col have made nailing the latest beauty looks all the more simple with some handy kits which not only do the job right but are aesthetically pleasing to look at in their own right too.

proto-col protocol colour correct powder rainbow tutorial

Proto-col Baked Mineral Colour Correcting Shimmer

It’s known by beauty mavens that all skin tones have underlying colour tones, imagine a colour wheel and compare your skin to see if you lean more toward pinkish or yellowish tones. Once your tone is identified you can combat sullen or bright skin with the accommodating hues to contrast.

The finely milled pastel minerals in proto-col’s baked mineral colour correct counteracts with your natural skin tones giving an even, flawless canvas for your make-up. It’s perfect for skin blemishes such as dark circles, rosacea and unwanted pigmentation.

proto-col protocol colour correct powder rainbow tutorial

Our guide to colour correction:

Perfect to contrast and liven up dull or sallow skin tones

Counteract yellow shades with a contrary lilac

Even out bright pigmentation and blotches with yellow, recommended for under eye correction

Combat redness, blemishes and broken veins with subtle green tones

Verdict: This product makes a worthy addition to your collection, gorgeously packaged and fully instructional to use in your daily routine without having to school yourself in intense make-up tutorials.

proto-col baked mineral shimmer ginger shimmer spice

Proto-col Baked Mineral Shimmer

Get that sunkissed, holiday look all year round with a handy Mineral Shimmer. The benefit of this Proto-col product is the mirrored casing, making it simple to top up your look on the go.

The Shimmer itself is enriched with essential minerals and oils, allowing versatility for this product to add gorgeous colour to your cheekbones and eyes, functioning as blusher and eye shadow in one compact piece.

proto-col baked mineral shimmer ginger shimmer spice

Ginger Splash Shimmer offers warm orange and yellow tones, ideal for olive skinned beauties to create a natural yet significant look which can transition from day to night.

Ginger Splash Shimmer perfect for olive skin tones, this mix encompases orange and yellow hues to create a summer look which will outlast the seasons, complementing your natural beauty.

Verdict: Ideal for livening up your day look or creating a natural yet effective evening look, the tones of both palettes are carefully chosen to provide a natural blend, considering both paler and tanned skin types.

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