North West prefer Factual TV Shows says Netflix Poll

North West prefer Factual TV Shows says Netflix Poll

Netflix has revealed for the first time the viewing habits of its millions of UK subscribers to give insight to the different preferences of our nations cities.

The number one streaming service, which has become one of the biggest producers of shows, has become an institution of many British homes and even coined a brand phrase common to millenials (Netflix and chill anyone?).

With such a vast bank of data, the results of this survey hold weight as a representation of the public’s choice in television and movies, with the North West findings proving most interesting to STYLEetc. (naturally).

Comparing the Country

It seems viewers across the North West are more prone to Factual shows as a whole, but regions such as Manchester and Liverpool do love a bit of Reality TV, including title’s such as Hell’s Kitchen and Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Compared against other regions this can be quite the contrast, with Wales and Scotland geared more towards Comedy offerings, notable Gavin and Stacey and The Big Bang Theory. One particular Netflix hit in Scotland is Still Game, showing the styles of Comedy the Scots seem to prefer.

Down South it appears tastes are more sombre, with Drama reigning supreme in favourite genres. This result is hardly surprising when you look at the nature of southern soaps (we’re looking at you Eastenders).

Contrary to their western neighbours, resident Netflix subscribers in the North East showed favour to Horror as the top genre to consume. Key shows favoured were The Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story.

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What to take from this?

So what does this mean? Should we be wary of the North East, concerned for the South? Not at all. TV preferences indicate interests in genres and can quite reflect the opposite of the viewers moods or persuasions. A Horror movie aficionado is not a serial killer in the making, so no need to panic about your neighbours across the Pennines.

To view the full selection of genres and discover more visit Netflix UK.


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