Nicky Clarke Spinningfields Manchester Salon Review

Nicky Clarke Spinningfields Manchester Salon Review

Our Editor Leanne gets a stylish new do at Nicky Clarke Manchester

When it comes to hair I’m very much a ‘Wash and Go’ kind of girl I have discovered recently. Not one to spend hours in the mirror trying to recreate my favourite hairstyles, I’d rather just let my hair sit in it’s naturally wavy state and get on with it.

I’d given up any hope of finding a hairdresser who ‘got me’ and understood what I meant when I asked for a simple yet on-trend style, which lead my poor hair to be neglected of a decent haircut for months. In desperate need of a change from my usual haunts (mostly local salons) I stepped outside of my comfort zone and paid a visit to Nicky Clarke in Spinningfields, Manchester. Spinningfields is a natural fit for the brand, targeting the naturally dwelling fashionistas, with the venue itself housed amongst fashion brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein and Oliver Sweeney.

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Stepping into the Salon it was clear the brand was represented in a modern and sophisticated way through the decor aesthetic. Large mirrors naturally took center stage, keen to show off the hairdressers work from all angles, whilst monochrome furniture adorns the waiting area. I was told I would be styled by the Creative Director of the Salon Mitch, who was dutifully awaiting my arrival as I dashed through the door slightly late having battled the typical rush hour traffic.

We bonded over a mutual love of Vivienne Westwood (which we were both wearing) and were off to a good start. Cutting the generic hairdresser chat, my stylist instantly asked questions around my lifestyle, how much I styled my hair and what I had had done before as this was my first visit to this location. Mitch took the time to identify my personal preferences and made me realise I needed something fuss-free which I could wear naturally and not have to maintain too much.

nicky clarke manchester hairdressers salon review

After deciding to go for a hearty chop (very brave of me) I was sent off to be washed and receive my Olaplex by a junior Hairdresser before returning for my styling session. Olaplex is all the rage right now in the hair world and for those not in the know basically consists of a quick treatment which promises to repair damaged hair, targeting damaged disulphide bonds which may have been affected by poor treatment and over bleaching (guilty). The treatment allows bonds to be rebuilt, resetting your hair to be styled and coloured to your hearts desire.

For something so highly accoladed I was surprised at how easy the process was. The first layer was left for 5-10 minutes then rinsed before a second treatment was added for a further 10-15 minutes. I was warned my hair may feel overly soft but that wasn’t a concern for me and I continued on to my cut.

Nicky Clarke Salon Manchester Review

Leanne’s Hair Before and After

The cut and style is where my previous salons have unfortunately let me down, tending to undercut and over-style and leaving me looking like I’m about to depart on a WAG’s night out. Mitch asked for my input but seeing as he was so experienced I decided to trust his well practised hand to style my hair accordingly. I lost a few inches at hair which would normally be rather traumatic, seeing as I don’t always like my hair immediately after being cut but on this occasion I found myself more than happy with the results.

Mitch informed me people travel far and wide to get an appointment at the salon, with only three stores to pick from in the UK, the other two being based in Birmingham and Manchester. After my appointment I can see why people make the trip, the stylists are not only expert in opinion but also extremely friendly and give a full consultation to ensure you leave satisfied with your cut.

To book your appointment or browse the treatments on offer visit Nicky Clarke Manchester online.


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