My Style Goals for 2017

My Style Goals for 2017

In the spirit of belated resolutions (and this ones a good 16 days late) I have decided to branch out and set myself some style goals for the year ahead (or present) in a bid to feel a little more at home with my signature style.

At the moment I find my personal style panders from throwback 15-year old emo phase to got lost in Grandma’s dressing up box and all personas in between. I have a tendency to take the riskier choices, go for the bold colour version over the plain black, always choosing prints over neutral.

Whilst this has served me well at finding those little defining pieces which can make a wardrobe unique, they don’t always bode as the most versatile offerings to mix and match for work meetings or do me justice when I’m trying to dress like the grown up I now am (sob).

For 2017 I resolve to identify what my style is and continue to stock up on those fail safe shapes which will see you through body confidence to fat day quick-fixes. Here are my main targets:

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Build a capsule wardrobe

This has been a far-sighted aim of mine for a while, to invest in those irresistible pieces which you can wear again in a multitude of combinations. The key to this is starting with some good strong staples, an everyday bag, versatile coat, solid shoes and some key interchangeable clothing pieces.

My sturdy Aspinal never ceases to let me down on the bag front, taking me from work to social events with an optional shoulder strap to boot. The divine black leather of this bag is so soft and seems to only improve with age as it wears slightly, adding movement which defines the accessory and gives unique character.

Invest in a structured, oversized Coat

My Style Goals for 2017 styleetc etc

My general coat style has evolved over the years, taking me through various parkas, leather jackets and faux fur numbers to my current destination of Boyfriend Coat. This style is sought for its minimal effect for maximum aesthetic value, allowing to be adorned easily and bring sleekness to an ordinary outfit.

My dream piece would be a wool affair, in a neutral tone, perhaps muted rose or beige to adhere to my general colour palette. Oversized styles appeal most to throw over layers in winter and hide a less confident figure when you find yourself overindulged after Christmas.

Develop a selection of shirts

My Style Goals for 2017 styleetc etc

I have always steered clear of shirts, for what reason I cannot really be sure. Regardless of my aversion, I believe setting up some strong contenders in my closet for a solid working wardrobe will be a sensible and hopefully fruitful use of money.

The idea is to build a collection of wearable blouses which can be adapted to the occasion required. A few with quirky patterns or unique features will sit alongside a few basic pieces which will (ideally) fit beautifully and offer well constructed tailoring which flatters the figure.

Buy a good suit

My Style Goals for 2017 styleetc etc

It is the age old mantra of Fashion savvy connoisseurs, a good suit will see you for life, making it ever the more crucial I invest in such a set. Ever envious of the stylish lot who can effortlessly pull off a converse and suit combo without hair misplaced, I think it’s finally time to give the look a go.

The aim is to experiment with alternate ways to wear, dressed up with heels and a cami or pared down with a tee and trainers (of pulling this off, I am dubious). The beauty of the suit set is the pieces can work just as efficiently in separates as together, again adding to the idea of a capsule wardrobe.

Work with more Monochrome

My Style Goals for 2017 styleetc etc

As the aforementioned intro stated, I do not appreciate the simplistic chicness a white or black item can bring. I often assume I must have vast quantities of monochrome in my wardrobe but often find this to be an oversight so the aim for 2o17 is to stock up on black and white.

I often find myself avoiding white at all costs due to the hit and miss nature of fabrics and sheerness. Shopping trips for me are a constant battle to discover if a top is transparent or just misleading. The danger with this hue is after a few washes you can find a perfectly opaque item is suddenly see-through and you have to resign yourself to a life of under-layering or risk indecent exposure.


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