Jockey Skimmies Collection Review: Smooth and Sleek

Jockey Skimmies Collection Review: Smooth and Sleek

We’ve all been there when your summer body just isn’t what you’d hoped, months after the Christmas indulgence has ended and your New Year’s gym membership is a distant friend, present but forgotten. Luckily a little help can be offered getting your confidence up in that show stopping dress from Jockey Skimmies.

jockey skimmies slipshort

Replicating a cycle short style, these control Slipshorts are stretch fit and come in either black or nude to suit your accompanying outfit. Our editor sampled the Skinnies for herself to see if it made an impact on her look.

Opening the packaging, the shorts are elasticated as expected but offer a smooth, silky texture which is a positive attribute when your ultimate goal is to streamline the figure. Seamless and light, this style is perfect for a clingy dress, the only issue to consider would be to check the length and ensure the shorts bottom isn’t visible, dependent on your hem length of choice.

Surveying the fabric choice I was confident this would not be an issue for the majority of fabrics, meaning a seamless look was achievable with no worry.

jockey skimmies slipshorts

Price wise, Jockeys were more than healthy in cost compared with some leading competitors, starting at a thrifty £13. For a product you can reuse and get wear from this is not to be complained about.

Trying them on the Skimmies offered a comfortable fit, sitting nicely around the waist area to tuck in any bloating or unwanted tummy tub as desired. They felt the weight of a mid-knit tight, without the bobbly texture. Thinner than I had anticipated, I was surprised at how comfy they actually were to wear and weren’t warm as anticipated.

jockey skimmies slipshort

Trying them on for size I felt at ease to go out and indulge without worrying of the usual duck-body-shaped aftermath that could ensue. With the Skimmies Slipshorts they offered a happy medium between restrictive control-wear and lightweight lycra shorts.

Versatile in selection, the Slipshort style offers a range of tailored versions to adapt to personal needs. Besides the Original style, Jockey also offers Cling-free for a smoother less sticky fit, Wicking, which feature mesh panels for long lasting comfort and Cooling which helps to regulate body temperature and optimise comfortable wear.

The only side note to consider with this style is that they may not be the best date night attire, unless you fancy having a Bridget Jones moment and getting caught off-guard. I’d recommend keeping your slimline figure tricks secret, after all there’s some things best left to the imagination.



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