Infamous Diner Manchester Reviewed

Infamous Diner Manchester Reviewed

With rave reviews and word of mouth spreading like wildfire, our editor decided to pay a visit to Infamous Diner Manchester and see what all the fuss was about.

Arriving in the restaurant; the décor showed notable influence of typical American style 50s Diners, just like the movies promise. Boasting check patterned floors, waitresses wearing 50s aprons and the accompanying music to boot. Tracks noted inspired reminiscence of movies passed, with the theme tunes to Ghostbusters and Back to the Future Theme playing through an accommodating Jukebox. As far as themes go, I found it hard to fault as a fan of the decade, so it was definitely up my street.

On the food front we opted for the breakfast menu as it was only 10am when we arrived. There was a lot to choose from which made it rather difficult to decide. Serving up a choice selection of treats befitting of a ‘calories don’t count day’ we eventually decided to all go for pancakes. Not one to do things in half measures, it seemed only natural to befriend my pancakes with a complementary milkshake.

I ordered the Oreo Milkshake, which looked every bit as delicious as the name describes. Made with real bits of Oreo crushed on top of a milk chocolatey goodness, it tasted amazing and came presented in a tall ‘sundae’ glass which adhered to the diner theme through and through. The rest of our group decided on Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshakes, which seemed well received, albeit perhaps not the most appropriate choice for a 10am food outing with the large jelly chunks included.


The pancakes came in a variety three options: stack of 3, stack of 5 or stack of 11. I opted for the stack of 5 which seemed plenty, seeing as they were so thick and filling. The choice of toppings for the pancakes were in plentiful supply, of which I decided upon Banana and Toffee. Although quite sickly for something to eat for breakfast, the taste counterbalanced any awkward texture. Moreishly good I struggled to finish my stack of 5.


It definitely will not be the last time I go to Infamous Diner, next time I endeavour to sample the evening menu and explore new options.


Have you ever been to Infamous Diner? What are your opinions on it? Let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you.


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