The House of Peroni Pop-Up Bar comes to Manchester Spinningfields

The House of Peroni Pop-Up Bar comes to Manchester Spinningfields

Quality craftsmanship is synonymous with the Italian way of life. From the pioneering Italian Renaissance art movement through to Carlo Peroni – who crafted the first premium Italian beer back in 1963.

Celebrating Italian craftsmanship that is so inherent throughout history, The House of Peroni is coming to Manchester for a unique art and Peroni Nastro Azzuro bar experience.

The House of Peroni opens its doors in Manchester’s Spinningfields Square for a special four-day event from Wednesday 5th April – Saturday 8th April. The pop-up will allow visitors to experience a virtual world that seamlessly blends art and technology.


House of Peroni Google Tilt Art

Peroni has teamed up with the Beautiful Crime Agency and three unique artists to produce bespoke art, using Google’s innovative Tilt Brush technology. British artist Carne Griffiths,  2016 Lumen Prize winner Fabio Giampietro and Italian graffiti artist Peeta, have each created the incredible virtual reality pieces around the theme of ‘craftsmanship’– a quality inherent to Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Fabio comments: “My signature style is to create a fairly abstract cityscape and play with a sense of perspective. For this project, entitled ‘Neon Vertigo’, I’ve invoked the craftsmanship that was apparent in my uncle’s joinery work and related it to architecture and the concept of the ‘metropolis’ – a motif that is apparent throughout all of my work.”

Brit artist Carne Griffiths found his inspiration from his 12 years as an embroidery designer, from which came a real fascination with the creation and manipulation of the drawn line.

Similarly, Italian artist Peeta, has looked to his own heritage and experience in the art world to bring his work to life – using Venetian ‘Murano’ glassware as his muse.

Visitors can virtually step inside these artworks, before having the opportunity to create their own artworks under the guidance of an expert.


House of Peroni Cocktail Infusions
The brand’s pop up art experience will play also play host to a bar and aperitivo area, where guests can enjoy an evening with friends over a Peroni Nastro Azzurro, an infusion and a selection of antipasti all against a backdrop of works from the resident artists.

In addition, award winning mixologist, Simone Caporale will also return for a third year to bring his inimitable style of cocktail mastery to the infusion drinks menu.

Firstly, the Oro Liquido, infuses gin, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and sweet, spring-like citrus notes, whilst the L’Astratto is a long, more bitter serve featuring coloured and flavoured ice cubes.

Also available and delivering a fragrant take on the traditional Bellini, the Peroni Peony features crisp white peach, grape, peony and magnolia flowers. Finally, the classic Peroni Negroni is back on the menu by popular demand.

Most noteworthy, the centrepiece of the pop up will be an eye-catching bar structure, created by renowned set designer Petra Storrs. For her distinctive design, she has been inspired by the rich colour palette and playfulness of the light effects in the Tilt Brush technology, and blended it with the iconic Peroni Nastro Azzurro ‘blue ribbon’ to create an incredible focal point.

Event Information

Location: Spinningfields Square, Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3AP

Dates: Wednesday 5th April – Saturday 8th April 2017

Price: Free Admission

Age restriction: 18+ only

For more information on this unique art pop-up event, visit:


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