Holland and Barrett opens new Flagship Store in Manchester

Holland and Barrett opens new Flagship Store in Manchester

Holland and Barrett open new doors for beauty and health enthusiasts to explore a curious array of products in new Manchester flagship store.

Welcoming visitors from this March, the Market Street location promises a treasure trove of delights for beauty lovers, with a selection worthy of journeying from further afield in the North West. The new ‘More Store’ does what it promises, in giving a wider variety of brands and items to it’s already bought-in following.

Holland and Barrett opens new Flagship Store in Manchester

The upstairs of this store plays home to original and independent brands, of which we have selected the most intriguing and recommended (judge as you see fit).

Dr. Organic Snail Gel Cream

This product certainly raises eyebrows when first assessed but the versatility in suggested use is too interesting to ignore. Aiming to smooth skin and aid wrinkles, this cream can be applied to the eyes for tiredness, face for blemishes and general skin for dryness. If you can get past the thought of rubbing Snail Gel on your skin you could be onto a winner with this one.

holland and barrett dr organic snail gel cream

Trilogy Certified Rosehip Oil

This product comes highly recommended but those in the industry, with it’s qualities for reducing scars and wrinkles. Organically influenced, Rosehip Oil can be used for a multitude of purposes and is easily applied with just a few quick drops. Results are dependent on circumstance so patch test before regular application.holland and barratt trilogy rosehip oil

Viviscal Hair Growth Tablets

Hair growth is a painstaking problem which some of us more than others may appreciate a little boost or help where we can get it, which is where these Viviscal Tablets come in handy. Endorsed by Beauty sites and experts, the price tag may seem a little hefty but you can’t argue with the reviews. Holland and Barrett recommend a six month course, worth sticking with if you really want results.

viviscal hair growth tablets holland and barrett


Ekia Organic Baume Eye Contour Care

Set to firm as well as smooth, the Ekia Eye Contour Cream can be a welcome addition to many men and women’s skincare regime. Tried and tested by our team, the skin feels visibily tighter after use, leaving skin soft and refreshed following use. One key ingredient is Dragon’s Blood Sap, which sounds scarier than it is but contributes redeeming qualities to the success of this product.

ekia eye contour all in one cream holland barrett

Faith in Nature

A simpler product created with organic ingredients is this Faith in Nature Bath and Shower Gel. Naturally scented to give a fresh and revitalising fragrance, this gel has a gorgeous scent to make you truly savour your bath time. Matching Shampoo and Conditioners are additionally available to continue the Coconut (or chosen flavour) theme.faith in nature coconut bath shower gel holland barrett

Pure Potions

An independent company which begun from a Mother’s frustration to find appropriate cream to sooth her child’s itchy skin condition, Pure Potions tells an inspiring story through its products. Being crafted from a genuine experience gives this cream an authenticity, allowing the user to know the brand understands their need. Made of Beeswax, this cream allows skin to heal by providing barrier in a bid to reduce discomfort.

pure potions skin salvation holland barrett eczema

Discover more about the store at Holland and Barrett and keep up to date with all of our latest Beauty news online.


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