Get to know our Editor

Get to know our Editor

2017 is the year we plan to take our content to a new level and focus on specific and personalised content we believe our dedicated readers want to see.

In the spirit of this notion we have added a blog to our site to allow our Editor’s space to share opinionated pieces and personal posts set aside from our usual beauty, fashion and lifestyle pieces. We will still be delivering all of the usual topics you want but this will just give another element to our site and a little insight to our close-knit team.

To kick things off we’ve put together a brief interview with our Chief Editor Leanne Coppock on her thoughts on the industry and how she got to her current position.

How did you first discover STYLEetc.?

As my time at University was nearing an end I realised I needed to start finding relevant work experience in my chosen career area of Content. I undertook thorough research of the main Fashion magazines in Manchester (there weren’t many to be honest) and send out applications with a tailored cover letter.

The Editor at the time responded and I was set my first assignment to cover a new store opening at the Trafford Centre and interview Phil Neville and his wife. From volunteering in my spare time I then took on the responsibility of Sub Editor and was in charge of all online content. I then took a 2 year break where I gained other experience before returning in 2016 as Chief Editor.

What has changed in the time you’ve written for STYLEetc.?

The main thing is an industry wide agenda in general, the enormous leap content has made from traditional print to more fast-paced digital consumption. A few years ago it was all about the quarterly magazine and the website took a back seat to that but now we see Digital as the way forward and our primary outlet to engage with our readers.

What has your current experience taught you that has helped STYLEetc.?

Every change we have implemented has been from the teams personal experience suggestions as a whole. For myself, I have learnt the benefits of SEO optimised content and ways to structure content for maximum reach. This in addition to social promotion and marketing has been key to our changes in the past 6 months and we hope to only improve social communications and reach as time goes on.

Who is the STYLEetc. reader to you?

I see our reader as a lover of all things beauty and fashion, primarily a Northern girl although we do have reach within London and other areas. She has an eye for detail, affluential and ambitious, with focuses on careers and personal relationships and a love for high quality products.

 What do you plan in 2017 for the magazine?

We want to grow further on our existing base and aim to become the key authoritarian voice on all things Fashion and Beauty in Manchester. We also want to branch out more in the types of content and cover a range of topics relevant to Manchester and our audience.

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