George’s Worsley Restaurant Review

George’s Worsley Restaurant Review

Embedded into the picturesque village greens of Worsley, you could be forgiven for thinking George’s restaurant has stepped straight out of a painting. Newcomer to the affluential area, George’s aims to serve best of British cuisine to a high standard and is owned by resident celebrity footballer Ryan Giggs.

Worsley Village provides a pretty array of Tudor houses and cottages, set alongside the Bridgewater Canal with aesthetically satisfying greenery to create an idyllic setting you may find hard to believe is still in Salford.

worsley village bridgewater canalcanal boats bridgewater worsley salford village

The decor is a modernised country pub affair, merging warm lighting and wooden fixtures alongside crisp mint furniture and bright white accessories. Each room has a slightly different mood. The main bar sticks to traditional country,whilst the downstairs dining offers contemporary study vibes. Upstairs is a combination of fairy-light provoked fairytale and graffiti altered art for a more hipster approach. There is also a balcony available to suit sunnier days, as well as limited choice of front canal-facing dining tables.

george's worsley barlights modern british pub decorgeorge's worsley decor bargeorge's worsley restaurant interiors decor

Cocktail Creations

The cocktail selection offers an impressive variety to choose from. Taking on famous classics and introducing a few original house concoctions, George’s aims to please spirit fans.

The Singapore Sling is made to the specifications of the original Raffles Hotel version, a fruity delight served in mason jar to suit it’s relaxed surroundings. The Mai Tai also comes poured into a mason jar, casual yet packing a punch with it’s juxtaposition of sweet rum and citrus fruits.

singapore sling mai tai cocktails george's worsley

Cocktails couldn’t be reviewed without mentioning George’s house speciality. Named after the establishment, The George is served with a slice of cucumber and includes a shot of Gin, accompanied by sour fruit blends.

the george cocktail george's worsley

Speciality Starters

The starters at George’s cater to a more refined palette, offering luxury dishes not commonly found in your average pub diner. These offerings elevate the restaurant to superior status, drawing in a crowd who knows about quality.

ham hock terrine george's worsley

The Ham Hock Terrine offers a meaty block to delve into. Stringy when separated it can be tricky to eat in a delicate manner but will suit the tastes of pork lovers. The Terrine is served with speckles of mint and pea sauce to accommodate flavours suitably.

fried squid tentacle george's worsley starters

For a more unusual choice, the Fried Squid Tentacles will certainly broaden your horizons. Served with olives and pine nut salad, the texture is chewy but not tough, with breadcrumb accompaniments set to enhance the feel of this dish.

Main Affair

You can’g go wrong with a classic steak and George’s has good choice on the menu, with Sirloin, Fillet and Rib Eye available. The Sirloin is cooked to exact specification, allowing a not-to-tough exterior which gives way to a flavoursome meaty middle. Each steak is served alongside french fries, watercress and a giant onion ring, which is satisfyingly presented to make for good social snapping.

sirloin steak french fries george's worsley

Sirloin Steak

For those with a taste for the gamy, the Pan Fried English Duck Breast is wonderfully tender and juicy, well presented on a bed of pearl barley, smoked beetroot, almond foam and cherry. A lighter choice, it could be worth adding a side to this if you appreciate your carbs with dinner.

duck breast main george's worsley

Pan Fried Duck Breast

For vegetarians there is Garlic and Pea Veloute or a Waldorf Salad to appetise your tastebuds. Sides to be added also include mixed green vegetables, fries, corn on the cob, mash, mushrooms and onion rings.

Sweet Desserts

The final frontier, dessert is worth considering if you haven’t already over-indulged. The Sticky Toffee Pudding does the job, providing a classic presentation, nothing to fussy but excellent in taste. Toffee sauce is drizzled atop this cake, with two scoops of refreshingly cold vanilla ice cream to balance flavours.

sticky toffee pudding george's worsley

The Apple Crumble makes for prettier presentation, served with custard, baked apple and a drizzle of fruit infused sauces. The mix of sauces available are just asking to be merged together to present an original taste. Warm to envelop yet sweet and familiar, this is a food reminiscent of home comforts, bringing dining out and family dinner together.

apple crumble george's worsley

Both desserts are ideal for the current Spring season, allowing indulgence to be placed in a luxury dining experience. This is what George’s does magnificently, combining the casual atmosphere of a pub but taken up a level to befit high standards of a reputable restaurant.

Visit George’s Worsley online to browse the seasonal menus and enquire about bookings.


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