Deliciously Ella Skincare Range with Neal’s Yard Remedies Review

Deliciously Ella Skincare Range with Neal’s Yard Remedies Review

When renowned blogger Ella Wooward announced a skincare range to be launched with Neal’s Yard Remedies anticipation was high of what to expect. STYLE etc. reviewed the Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Moisturiser and Facial Wash to let you know what we thought.

First off is the packaging, crafted to reflect the natural ingredients and themes around the products. The box comes in a delightfully floral print with a little message on the side from Ella herself explaining the products inside, a nice personal touch.

deliciously ella launches neals yard remedies skincare

When opening the items, both have a clear smell of cucumber with the accompanying tones as an afterthought, giving a refreshing scent reminiscent of the products key purpose.

Both come in bottle blue squirtable tubs, making them easy to use and a pretty product to have sat on your bathroom shelf. Price wise the products are competitive with other leaders in the market, allowing expense to cover the USP of natural ingredients and the input of Ella herself.


Refreshing and light, the cream is quick to apply and easy to portion through the top skin nozzle. After a few days of application my skin did feel soft and hydrated. The cream does leave an after scent of cucumber so if you’re not a fan of the scent this may be something to consider. Overall this Moisturiser is a winner for us, being revitalising in use and promising to be made of natural ingredients.

This Moisturiser promises to be kind to all skin types, leaving the face soft and supple. This is the pricier of the two NYR pieces, but the one of which you are more likely to use at regular intervals throughout the day to freshen up.

Facial Wash

The facial wash is visibly effective from first use. I did notice my skin flare a little red on first application which faded after the scrub was washed off. Not sure what to expect, I was actually pleasantly surprised as after a few days I could tell my somewhat oily complexion had been cleared of breakouts and I was much more confident to go make up free. After each use the facial wash I felt awakened and my face felt fresh and clean.

Made with Antioxidant rich Blueberry and Acai, this wash removes dirt, grime and make up. Fresh and organic ingredients make this item all so appealing, a must have inclusion to your daily routine.

deliciously ella launches neals yard remedies skincare

Read our Interview with Ella Woodward on the creation of her products and involvement below.

Why Neal’s Yard Remedies?

ELLA: When I changed the way I ate I started looking at the types of products I used on my skin and switched to natural and organic skincare and immediately fell in love with NYR products. They’ve been my go to brand for years now.

I worked with them to develop recipes for their superfoods and the more I worked with them the more I learnt and understood about the importance of choosing organic when it came to skincare – sustainability, impact on the world etc.

Why a skincare range?

My readers are always asking me what I use on my skin. My skincare routine has always been really simple and I wanted to create something that I would genuinely use myself and that my readers could enjoy too.

My followers already know that I love making products myself using ingredients in my kitchen like coconut oil and avocado, but it’s not always convenient to do this when you’re always on the go. So working with NYR, we created products that work, using ingredients that I love.

deliciously ella launches neals yard remedies skincare

Why did you choose the ingredients you did?

In our first meetings the NYR team asked me what I wanted from a skincare range. Radiance and a natural glow were key, but but I wanted the products to smell beautiful and feel great on my skin as well.

We worked on a shopping list of ingredients and I chose the ones which resonated with me the most. The ingredients I chose are all my favourite beauty foods – I use them in my cooking for their benefits internally, but they also have amazing benefits for the skin when used topically.

What is your current beauty regime?

I keep my routine pretty simple. I use the lovely facial moisturiser that I created with NYR in the morning and then the facial wash in the evenings. I love exfoliating, so a couple of times throughout the week I exfoliate with a homemade brown sugar scrub and apply a few drops of NYR Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil to the Rose Lime and Cucumber Moisturiser if I want boosted hydration.

I try to use all natural products, so I use organic coconut oil as a make up remover (it’s amazing for taking off mascara), as a hair mask (just putting a dollop on the ends once every few weeks and washing it out the following morning) and even as after sun!

deliciously ella launches neals yard remedies skincare

How involved were you in the formulation of the products?

I love spending time with the formulations team and I’ve worked with the NYR team closely from concept through to final development for the past 18 months.

Who are you targeting?

Anyone who wants beautiful smelling, natural products, as well as my lovely readers who have asked me what I use on my skin and have been looking for organic products themselves.

Ultimately, I wanted to target people who care as much about what they put on their face, as what they put in their body.

Do you plan to build on the partnership?

Definitely and there are some really exciting products that we’re talking about so stay tuned!

Find Ella’s collection at Neal’s Yard Remedies.



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