Clinique Crayola Review

Clinique Crayola Review

Following our recent report of Clinique’s collaboration with Crayon brand Crayola we decided to try the product for ourselves. Our Editor reviews the Chubby Stick in playfully titled hue Tickle Me Pink.

The innocence of childhood meets the statement style developed of an adult in the bold and inviting shades of this interesting collection. Making headlines with two strong brands coming together, the Clinique Crayola collection has attracted hype, so we put that hype to the test for ourselves.

clinique crayola chubby stick stand

Visually the packaging personifies the Crayola Brand, taking the standard colour as a main hue for the box with bold white outlining and text. On a shelf this is sure to pop and attract notice to passers by with magpie tendencies for anything bright.

The hues available cross from oranges, reds, pinks and purples, taking on the most popular colours apparent in lipsticks to give wearable options for day to day.

Tickle Me Pink is a more vibrant choice from the selection, what was intriguing was how the vibrancy of the packaging would be reflected when used as a lip cover.

Application of the product is simple, it glides on as easy as lip balm and produces a shiny finish. The moisturising effects of the base can be felt and it seems to have a decent last as any lip product should.

clinique crayola chubby stick tickle me pink review

As the description states, the product contains mango and shea butter which creates the nourishing feel when applying. We tried this when lips were dry and cracked and can report it did ease the dehydration and improve appearance in the short term.

On the colour front don’t expect extreme coverage, the idea is to add a subtle hint of the shade as opposed to fully showing hue as a lipstick would.

Lips ended up with a nice pink tint which was accompanied with an after shimmer. We would recommend this product for an understated day look or purely for it’s replenishing qualities on the skin and lips but don’t have expectations of colouring popping boldness.

To find out more browse the Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick online.


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