Clarins Skin Detox Fluid BB Cream Review

Clarins Skin Detox Fluid BB Cream Review

Stuck between wanting coverage for your face through summer without having the thickness of foundation? We may have the perfect solution with Clarins Skin Detok Fluid BB Cream.

Being offered the newest addition to Clarins collection to sample, STYLE etc. excitedly anticipated trialling this for daily life. Upon arrival the product was premiumly packaged in the brands signature Maroon box, with all branding and signage made clear.

Opening the item up, the Cream offered a hearty amount of fluid with promises of beneficial skin treatments encompassed. The BB Creams mantra is to provide Complexion perfection with skin hydration.

clarins skin detox bb fluid cream 01 light

Light and easy to apply, the cream appeared even and balanced out my natural tones with no trouble. The shade itself was 01- Light and was darker than my usual colour but as someone who regularly tans, that wasn’t an issue for my preference.

Complementary of its promises, the Skin Detox Cream was refreshing to wear, with a moisturising like feel to the skin during application. I would not advise this item for someone with acne or heavy spots as it may not be the best solution if you are looking for a thick base, but it does provide a natural enhancement to your skins usual tone, evening out those dark circles and tricky areas.

A bonus feature of the BB Cream is the built in SPF 25, making it ideal for providing basic sun protection when using on holiday, although do bear in mind sun cream is always advisable and should be reapplied at regular intervals.

Price wise this item is competitive with its peers and I foresee this being something which would last me a while for personal use as it does not need to be applied excessively. A little of the cream goes a long way.

Verdict: For the beauty connoisseur looking for a light base, perhaps for a holiday or summer outdoors, this item is certainly recommended.

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