Clarins Rich Moisture Body Lotion and Hand Treatment Cream Review

Clarins Rich Moisture Body Lotion and Hand Treatment Cream Review

New Year, New You? You may feel like you’ve heard it all before but the beginning of 2017, or any year for that matter, encourages the best in people as we strive to implement routine and set targets for ourselves to achieve come the end of the year.

A good solid Beauty regime is not something to be dismissed or overlooked in the bid to better ourselves, as maintaining a regular skincare routine can often go amiss as we leave it to the bottom of our priorities.

Nourishing your skin is something which should always be considered (trust us your skin will thank you for it later down the line) which is why we have reviewed two products from Clarins to see if the proof is in the pudding of the brand’s result claims.


Clarins Hand and Nail TreatmentCream £21.00

Brand Claims: Softens, Protects, Hydrates and Strengthens nails

Review: The packaging of this Hand Cream is simple yet chic, Clarins brand persona all over, in an acceptable size which can be easily popped into your bag for taking on the go. The cream itself boasts a decent combination of moistness yet not over-saturating to apply, leaving a nice, subtle fragrance after to revel in.

The benefits of this cream include is suitability for a variety of skin types including dry, combination, oily and normal, making it an all-accommodating choice for the masses. The price is competitive with other brands of the same prestige, still not compromising on the hard earned quality Clarins has respectively identified as a brand strength.

Verdict: Does the job and handbag friendly.


Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion £30.00

Brand Claims: Smooths, nourishes and firms skin.

Review: Again this Lotion is packaged in Clarins uniformed manner of white with red lettering, standard yet brand effective as ever. Sampling the moisturiser, the scent stands out right away, giving off a simply gorgeous smell epitomising luxury lifestyle that only high end brands currently achieve.

The trick with the lotion is to use it sparingly, a small blob can be easily spread to cover the best part of your forearm. It is a waste to over apply this product and risk overdoing it at the same time. The firmness can be felt touching the skin quickly after application, giving a minute or two to allow the lotion to be absorbed.

After regular usage the skin felt supple and hydrated, this is an investment product to maintain usage of which can be costly dependent on your budget and sparing usage.

Verdict: Worth the investment for the classic scent alone.

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