Beauty Make-Up Inspiration for Summer 2017

Beauty Make-Up Inspiration for Summer 2017

This Summer switch up your holiday go-to look and aim for something a little different. Our Beauty Make-Up boards aims to give you inspiration and recommendations of our go-to beauty buys and the best ways to wear them.

Each board is created from Polyvore and can be shopped via clicking through to the board to source products so you can shop everything pictured. Keep up to date with the latest beauty news and trends with our regularly updated category.

Summer Midnight Make-Up

summer make up midnight hues

Take a darker approach to your usual holiday beauty looks with inspiration from this Midnight Hues board. As to not evoke an overly gothic affair, opt for neutral and pared down versions of classic night tones. The Dior Radical Matte Rouge Couture Colour Lipstick provides an elegant and quite unique shade to counter traditional beauty standards and invoke intrigue.

Matched to the Dior shade is the Gucci Magnetic Colour Quad in Purple Topaz. Definitive contouring can be achieved through this palette with juxtaposition of light and dark, the pale pink should highlight and add shimmer to the eyes light areas whilst the darker shades can add smouldering structure through shading in the crooks of the eye.

Liven up your Midnight infused beauty look with the Aqua XL Eye Pencil from Make Up Forever by Sephora. Adding a stroke of turquoise to your aesthetic, this pencil is ideal for staying chic without going overboard. Finally round off pale hues with a little warmness with help from the Clarins Face Contouring Palette. Perfectly balanced, the Clarins Contour Kit offers pink, tan and cream powders to adequately define and achieve a holiday ready look.

Holiday Glow Goddess

summer glow beauty make up

This look is all about reviving classic Summer Glow Hues for a modern take on a classic beauty look. The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Satin Red Lipstick adds a gorgeous pop to your lips which will beautifully complement a natural beach glow. Dior Bronze Mist Glow will assure your tan is even and skin stays protected to an extent with SPF30 moisturising agents.

For a little more glamour on your jollies, Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection offers an ideal Colour Quartet and Liner Palette to complement the other tan and orange hues happening with your summer look. A muted gold can make an ideal base, whilst the orange and brown end hues are perfect for defining and sculpting.

Don’t forget to highlight and accent your beach body with the NYX Cosmetics Matte Body Bronzer, made for lightly dusting across shoulders and chest to support a natural and healthy tan.

Wild and Bright Beauty

neon beauty summer look

Our final board is deigned for the braver of beauty trendsetters. Neon is the inspiration, with all things bright and colourful on the agenda. Lipsticks not for the shy include these outrageously adorable NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippies in lime and pastel blue hues. We recommend pairing with pastel tones in your eyeshadow for a day look or bright clashes for a fashion forward result in the evening.

Urban Decay do colour brilliantly and the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette is perfect testament to this. Versatile in it’s variety of colours, the Palette offers street infused attitude to primary hued bases. The key to carrying off these looks are confidence and practise in application, so get experimenting.

For neon nails, the Nails Inc Stay Bright Polish delivers on it’s titled promise and provides colourful offerings to give your nails a standout boost to really set your outfit apart. The bold pink option of this polish was our favourite for a neon inspired look. To complete you look try the MAC Cosmetics Glaze Gloss, which moisturises as well as offers bold colour to your lips, the perfect remedy for dry holiday humidity.

Which beauty look is your holiday favourite? Let us know below.


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